The Story of “US”!

Since I am just getting this new blog up and going, I thought I would take the time to reflect on who Matthew and I are- the story of “US!”


I moved to Dallas in July of 2009. It seems like an eternity ago, but also like it was just yesterday. Matthew has lived in this area his entire life. I have a twin sister, Holly. She got married in 2012 after meeting her husband, Zack, on eHarmony. She was always encouraging me to sign up for online dating, so I finally gave in and did it. I dated a few guys that I met online, but nothing was ever serious or “meant to be”, so I quit online dating probably around July of 2012.1620666_10102073462910775_1413348223_n

In January of 2013, I decided it was time for a fresh start and to give it another go. I joined, mainly because it was free and I didn’t want to spend a lot of money! I had my profile up for about three days before deleting it. I deleted it because honestly, most of the guys on there were only looking for one thing. Lucky for me though– this handsome man happened to message me during those three days! I was pretty much over online dating and convinced it wouldn’t work, so he had to ask me on multiple dates before I finally agreed to go! He prevailed though, and on a rainy Tuesday night (January 29, 2013), we met at iFratelli Restaurante for dinner.


I was so nervous walking in to the date. I texted some girlfriends in a group message and told them I just couldn’t wait for it to be over. (Mind you, this was before he even walked in!) He had hit traffic and was running late, so I had a few minutes to freak out patiently wait in the booth for him. While waiting, I said a prayer. I prayed that God would give me a feeling one way or the other about where this relationship would lead and if it was worth my time. A few minutes later, he walked in. He had on a blue striped button down, flashed me his adorable dimple, and my heart swooned. He sat down and for the next two hours, we talked and laughed like we had known each other forever. When our food arrived and he prayed before our meal, I was officially hooked. Something in me told me: “Heather… he could be the one.” (I even texted the same group of girlfriends that when I left!)

10409380_10102483876338975_8780282039541139118_nWe went out again that Friday night, and just kept going out over and over. I knew from the beginning that I was going to marry him, but he took a little more time to figure that out! It took him three months to hold my hand, and four months to kiss me- many of my friends told me to give up because he had friend zoned me. I was constantly praying about our relationship though, and just had such a peace about it. I knew I wasn’t friend zoned, I knew he was going to be my husband, so I patiently waited. (Let’s be honest- I wasn’t patient!) He says that it took him until October to realize that I was “the one”. He went on a trip to St. John with his family for 10 days, missed me like crazy, and knew he never wanted to go that long without me again. On our one year dating anniversary, he told me he loved me. I said it’s about time you said that “I love you too!”.


One month later was his 30th birthday, and at dinner that night he mentioned marriage for the first time! I asked him if he was excited about turning 30, and his response was: “Heck yea! I’m going to get married when I’m 30!” Yup, that’s how the topic of marriage came up for us! HA!


He proposed that July and we got married the following March– three days before his 31st birthday! He did indeed get married when he was 30, although it was only by the hair on his chinny chin chin! 🙂 (I will have to do a post on our wedding soon- it was the best day of my life!)


I prayed for a man like Matthew for a long, long time. God exceeded all of my requests. Matthew is a Godly leader for our family and puts his relationship with Christ first. Matthew is funny and keeps me laughing all the time. Matthew is caring and always thinks about my needs. He is my best friend in the whole entire world, and I am so blessed to spend the rest of my life with him by my side.


I was single for so long, and knew I wanted to be a wife so badly. I loved my single life, but I always was longing to find my “one”. I remember the nights of longing, loneliness, and impatience so vividly. If I could go back and tell single Heather anything, it would be this– Remember, that God has it all planned out! So to my single friends- I know how lonely it can be waiting for God to bring you your one. But ladies, hang tight. Don’t lose sight of what kind of man you want and deserve. God has him out there for you, and when you find him…. you will know that it was well worth the wait.


Even now, sometimes I look at Matthew and can’t believe he’s mine. It a pleasure to wake up beside him every morning and to be his wife. He is my best friend in the entire world, and I can barely remember what my life was like before he was in it.


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