Staying Within Your Wedding Budget: Cake!

Well, it’s officially been {almost} a year since our wedding day! I have decided to reflect back on our wedding day with a series titled, “How to stay within your Wedding Budget when it’s less than $20,000”! Welcome back for part four of this series!


My dad gave me a very strict budget. My sister had gotten married two and a half years before me, and he wanted me to stay within the same budget as her. My dad set a budget for each category of my wedding. He was not going to go over that budget, and it was a pretty low budget compared to other weddings in the DFW area. I was determined to stick to it though, and worked really hard to stay within the budget! My dad budgeted pretty much every category possible, but I was allowed to move money from category to category. So if I overspent in one category but underspent in another, it was ok!

When planning a wedding in the DFW area, it is very hard to stay within a budget that is under $17,000! My budget was $16,519. The average cost of a wedding in Dallas is $28,810. That means I had about $12,291 less dollars than the average bride in the DFW area. However, I was determined to stretch this money as far as it would go, and that I did! Therefore, I want to help any other brides who might appreciate the tips and tricks!

Here is a breakdown of my budget:

Category Budgeted Amount Amount Spent
 Invitations/Envelopes/Stamps 400 262.50
 Wedding Dress 1700  1595.50
 Photographer 1500  1515.50
 Videographer 1300  1150.15
 Wedding Cake (Bride’s Cake)  575
 DJ 600
 Flowers  700
 Alterations  150
 Shoes  54
 Hotel Rooms  700
 Wedding Ring for Matthew  400
Chapel & Reception 300
 Security  210
Wedding Coordinator 375
 Venue Rental 955
Food 6000
Bar 600
Lights in Reception Not Budgeted
Grand Total: Budgeted: $16519  Spent:

Topics that were previously discussed will be linked in the above chart!

Today I am going to focus on the fourth category: CAKE!

Half the reason anyone gets married is because of wedding cake tasting, amiright? This was one of our favorite things to do! We tested cakes at multiple locations before making our choice. We finally thought we had chosen a bakery to use, when my friend Nicole recommended her family’s favorite cake lady- Ruth Robbins at Tastefully Yours Cakes. Ruth lives in the Southlake area of DFW and runs her business from her home, so her prices are much cheaper than any bakery we visited.

When we were on our way to Ruth’s for a tasting, we joked that she would have to blow our socks off to get us to pass on the last bakery. Well, she did just that! She had tons of flavors to choose from and they were all delicious. Her prices were amazing too! We knew right away she would be who we went with! I had $575 for the bride’s cake, and it equaled $535, so it was under budget! Matthew’s family paid for his groom’s cake, so I can’t remember how much it cost. I do remember that it was under budget as well, though!


  1. Taste at multiple locations. Be honest about your budget upfront, and ask them to only show you flavors/designs that fit into your budget.
  2. Find someone who has a smaller business, because their cakes could be even better and cheaper than a big fancy bakery!
  3. Be open to a unique option besides cake. My sister did cupcakes at her wedding, and it was both cheaper and adorable! I’ve also seen cookies, cake balls, popsicles, and the list goes on! Sometimes doing something unique can add a fun touch to your special day!

I hope some of these tips help another bride save money in this category! I’ll see you next time for the next section of “How to stay within your Wedding Budget when it’s less than $20,000”!


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