The Happy Planner Review: Botanical Garden

This is not a sponsored post. I just love my Happy Planner so much, and I want to help other people find the perfect one for them!

Botanical Garden

When me & my BIG ideas! announced their newest planners, my heart swooned. When Stephanie Fleming started doing her flip-throughs of the 10 new planners, I fell in love with so many of them! I have decided that I will be buying three planners this year and using them for three separate reasons:

I knew as soon as I saw the Botanical Garden planner that it would be mine! The cover spoke straight to my heart: black and white stripes, floral, gold foil, and gold discs?? I wanted it as soon as possible! I am going to be using this planner as my work planner. It’s so clean cut, professional, and simple designs on the weekly view that I think it will be perfect for organizing all of the craziness at work. Plus, the beauty of it will make me smile through the stressful work days! This is my honest review of this planner!

Right after I found her!

My local Hobby Lobby tends to be about a week behind in shipments. It seemed that the first shipment of the new planners to Hobby Lobby didn’t include Botanical Gardens at any of the Hobby Lobbies. Since mine is typically a week behind, that means a bunch of people were posting that they had found this planner, so I checked the three closest to me with no luck. I could have waited a few more days for it to arrive, but instead I stopped at the one in Waco while on my way to Houston to visit my siter. They had it, I grabbed it, and I was thrilled!


This planner is seriously prettier in person than the pictures can even show, but I am going to try! For starters, this cover is gorgeous. Also, I think they must have done something to improve the quality of the covers for the second generation. They seem thicker and sturdier than the one on my original planner. I also love the gold foil accents they added to the cover. What a genius idea to add a little more flair!


Next we have the beautiful cover page. I love how simple it is, yet how clean and stylish it is. The black and white stripes on the edge are to die for, and the floral accent on the bottom makes my heart smile! I also love that this planner uses the same font as those stickers throughout. It made it super easy to add my name to the cover page and yet keep to the theme of the planner!


I love, love, love how MAMBI added the “year at a glance” pages for both 2016-2017. I know this will be a great tool to have in the planner! It is so nice to be able to quickly glance and see what day of the week certain holidays and events will fall on. Plus, they are gorgeous! I love the fonts and colors chosen for these pages on the planner. They are again so clean cut, professional, and visually stunning. The floral accents in the corners add the perfect touch to this planner!

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Can we talk about these gorgeous new currently pages? I love love love the currently pages in this planner. They look so elegant, clean cut, and professional. I love the colors and how they coordinate with the monthly dividers to the right. The “Birthday” and “Goals This Month” section each have dotted lines for those of us who are OCD about our handwriting being straight, which I love. I also love that they included important dates for each month, but also left a few blank lines for us to add our own important dates as well. I am so excited to use these pages! I love how some of the months even sneak in that adorable floral accent in the corner! (Have I mentioned that I LOVE this planner??)

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And guys, the dividers in this planner! I seriously find myself just flipping through this planner and staring at the dividers. The floral patterns are breathtaking and the gold foil accents add the perfect touch. (Did I mention some of them have rose gold foil?? Swoooooon!) Another thing that I love about the divider pages is how sturdy the monthly tabs are now. MAMBI did a great job of making these reinforced this go around. There will be no need to back them up with packing tape! The tabs in these planners are top notch. I’m so glad they improved this aspect!

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In my last planner, I was always decorating the monthly views like crazy. I felt like the ones in my planner were so plain and needed a lot of washi and stickers added. My feelings are completely different with this planner!  I can already tell my decorating style will completely change with these monthly views. I plan to keep it fairly simple so as not to take away from the beauty of the planner that is already there! One of my favorite part of the monthly views in this planner is the elegant floral details in the corner! The flower detailing in the top is to.die.for. I would never even think about covering those with washi!

The months have beautiful floral detailing in them!

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I love so many things about the weekly view in this planner. First, I love that they left the header bars blank. We can now fill them in to whatever category fits best for us or even cover them with a beautiful washi tape. I love that the bottom decor looks like washi tape on it’s own and matches the color theme so well. I was nervous about the colored weekends because my last planner had white weekends. However, I love how it very easily makes the weekend look separate from the rest of the week. In my old planner I was always adding washi to separate the weekend, and I love that I won’t have to do that anymore. I love that the calendar in the corner is simple and white. My current planner that calendar is colored and I hate it! I cover it almost every week with a sticker, but since this is one is simple I think I will be leaving it! I also love that some of the pages have inspiring or funny quotes on the bottom. This one from June 2016 was one of my favorites:


At the end of the planner there is a page for “Notes”. This is a great place to keep information that is needed throughout the year. I love that the font is the same as one of he ones they use in their alphabet sticker book. I can already see myself using matching stickers on this page!


The back cover of this planner is just as adorable as the front cover. I love that it matches perfectly! Those black stripes and floral design make my heart smile so big!!


Of course, you can’t forget about the matching washi tape. I am obsessed with the fact that mambi made matching washi tape for these planners!! What a genius idea!! I know I am going to love coordinating the washi with my planner. And have you seen the botanical gardens washi?? It is to.die.for.


Also, it may just be an illusion, but I am convinced that the paper in this planner is even thicker and nicer than the paper in the first generation of planners. That might not be true. but it seems that way to me!

I can’t wait to start using Botanical Garden in July! It is going to be so hard to just let it sit on a shelf until then. I’m sure I will be pulling it down often to do a flip through of it! I will do more reviews on the new planners once I buy my other two that I plan to use this year! If you’re new to planning, be sure to check out my post on 5 Tips to Becoming a Happy Planner!

I am planning on doing similar reviews on the others planners that I plan on purchasing soon. I will link them below. For now, if you’re interested in the “Sugar and Type” planner that is exclusive to Hobby Lobby and the MAMBI website, check out Amber’s review on her blog!

Which planner are you planning on buying this year, and what are you planning to use it for? Share in the comments below or go tell me on IG: @kellofaplan ! Us Happy Planners are always looking for new reasons to buy another planner!

Happy Planning!


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