5 Essential {& Cheap!} Planning Supplies

Unless you’re new around here, then you know how much I adore my Happy Planner! I have a planning tab above where they are all linked, and I have done a few posts already on it that were all big hits:

Today I’m going to piggy back off of the “5 Tips for Becoming a Happy Planner” post, and share my 5 Essential {& Cheap!} Planning Supplies. These are supplies that I use on a weekly basis to make the most of my planner. Are there more supplies that you could use? Of course! I have so many different supplies, but they aren’t all essential to planning. Many people get overwhelmed by all the planning accessories because it really can cost a fortune to get it all. I hope this post helps new planners realize that they don’t have to have all of those things to have a successful planning journey. These are 5 essential tools that you need, and they are all fairly cheap! I hope it helps other planners on their journey to happy planning!

essential supplies

  1. Sticky Notes. I mentioned this in my “5 Tips to Becoming a Happy Planner” post, so if you’ve read that post this one might sound repetitive. Sticky notes are so essential that they deserved to be mentioned again! Sticky notes are an accessory that I didn’t use at all in my first six months of Happy Planning, and I’m kicking myself for it now! Sticky notes are a happy planner’s best friend. Back in August, I went through and wrote on stickers all the important dates for the year, and then stuck them on that page on the monthly calendar. Now that makes me cringe. There have been so manyevents/meetings that have changed to another day or canceled– but you can’t move a sticker! This year I will write all future events on a sticky note and then stick it where it belongs. That way it is easily moved until the event is certain to be set in stone. The best part about sticky notes is that you can get them for so cheap. MAMBI has adorable ones, but I have seen great ones at the Dollar Spot at Target, the Dollar Tree, Dollar General, and so many cheaper stores. Sticky notes don’t have to break your bank!FullSizeRender
  2. Washi Tape. In my “5 Tips to Becoming a Happy Planner”, one of my tips was to not buy all the washi. That doesn’t mean you shouldn’t buy any washi though! Washi tape is essential to planning. People use washi tape in their planners for many different reasons. You can use washi tape just to decorate! It’s great to make borders out of, to break up days of the week, to make flags for a box to indicate something important, or to make banners out of for your weekend. Washi tape is also great to stretch across a few days in your monthly view- say if you have Spring Break and want to indicate that in the week! I like to stretch it across the week, and then write what is going on on top of the washi tape. The great thing about washi tape is that it is a fairly cheap accessory. You can find rolls for as cheap as .19 on clearance! Michaels and Hobby Lobby frequently have their washi tape on sale, and other brands often have deals as well. (I once bought two packs of Heidi Swapp washi BOGO at Michaels! $10 for two packs!) Dollar Tree washi tape is also a dollar a roll and always a hot item! People will stalk multiple Dollar Trees to find their washi tape! As long as you don’t get carried away with buying all the washi, then this is a great and inexpensive way to decorate your planner!FullSizeRender
  3. Flair Pens. If you ask any facebook happy planner group about the best pens for the planner, you will hear a million different responses! You really just need to find a pen that works for you. Most of my adult life, I have loved the Papermate Flair Pens. They are ah-mazing! They write similar to a thin marker, but don’t bled through. There are also a million different colors! They can be fairly expensive if you don’t look around for the best deal. I’ve learned that Office Depot price matches to Amazon, and Amazon usually has them for pretty cheap! That’s how I’ve purchased pretty much all of my flair pens. Find a pen that works for you, and then look for deals on that pen! (But trust me… Flair pens are the BEST!)pens
  4. Functional and Quote Stickers. Not everyone would consider stickers an essential planning tool, but I do. I use them like crazy in my planner, especially now that I’ve made my DIY Happy Planner sticker book and can easily access them all. It makes it so easy to make a To-Do list, make something stand out if it’s important, add a cute factor! I love the quote stickers as well because when your week is hard, those quotes really inspire you to keep going. I personally love MAMBI Stickers, but those can get pricey fast. My suggestion would be to buy a pack every time you go to Michael’s or Hobby Lobby and use your coupon! That will take it from 4.99 to as low as 2.49 super quickly! Also keep your eye out because sometimes they go on clearance. If you can’t afford these stickers though, that’s not a problem! There are so many free printables out there. You just download the file, print, and tape or glue them into your planner! You can also sometimes find some great deals on etsy for cheap stickers, although I’ve found that those are typically more expensive.book
  5. Scissors. This probably seems like a super basic tool, but it really is essential! I keep a pair of scissors in my planner pen bag at all times! I use these scissors for so many things. It makes cutting washi easy, sometimes I cut stickers to fit better in certain spots, and sometimes I use the scissors to cut slits into paper and pop them into my planner! Scissors are a cheap supply as well- mainly because most of us already have 100 pairs laying around!FullSizeRender

If you’ve been Happy Planning for awhile, what are some of your essential supplies for beginners that I might have forgotten? Leave them in the comments or go tell me on my IG:@kellofaplan ! I look forward to hearing you favorite tips as well!

I hope these five tips help you on your journey to becoming a Happy Planner! Check back again soon for more tips on improving your planning journey!

Happy planning!


3 thoughts on “5 Essential {& Cheap!} Planning Supplies

  1. a tape runner! You can make “stickers” out of scrapbook paper, or anything really. I recently saved a clothing tag that I plan to use in my planner


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