The Happy Planner Review: Be Bright

This is not a sponsored post. I just love my Happy Planner so much, and I want to help other people find the perfect one for them!


When me & my BIG ideas! announced their newest planners, my heart swooned. When Stephanie Fleming started doing her flip-throughs of the 10 new planners, I fell in love with so many of them! I have decided that I will be buying three planners this year and using them for three separate reasons:

  • Work Planning (Botanical Gardens- Review Here!)
  • Memory Keeping (Be Bright)
  • Home Budget & Bills (TBD)

I knew as soon as Stephanie Fleming did a flip through of “Be Happy, Be Bright, Be You” that I had to have it! If you know me, you know that I love bright colors. I always wear bright colors, decorate in bright colors, and just love them so much! Bright colors can make any day better, and I loved how bright this one was. I also loved a lot of the other details that I will discuss below. I knew that it would be such a fun planner! I just had to decide exactly what to use it for! I was inspired by Me and My Big Idea’s Social Media Director Amanda and her Memory Planning of 2016. I knew I had to jump into that trend and start my own, and this is the planner I chose for that journey. As I review the planner I will add in notes about why I chose this one for my memory planner, but I’ve also included a list at the bottom of the post that has all of the reasons in one place as to why I chose it as my memory planner!

Right after I decided on her!

For starters, this planner is exclusive to the Mambi site and Michael’s. You can easily get it at one of these sites! If you choose to order from Michael’s, be sure to check for coupons to use first. I personally bought mine at the Michael’s store near my work. Michael’s takes competitors coupons and JoAnn’s had a 50% off coupon. I got this pretty lady for only $16.23!


At first, I wasn’t crazy about this cover. I think it’s kind of a simple design and it doesn’t really grab my eye. However, since I’m going to use it as a memory planner, I will probably make a personal cover with photos or something along those lines, so it wasn’t that big of a deal for me. The insides sold me! As mentioned in my review of the Botanical Garden planner, I think they’ve done something to make these covers sturdier this time around. They seem thicker to me! I love that the words are gold foil- I’m currently obsessed with the gold foil look!


This is the cover page for this planner. I love how bright and colorful it is!!! I think the confetti is adorable and is just screaming, “It’s going to be a great year!!!” It is such a fun way to start off this planner. I haven’t added my name yet, because I can’t decide if I want to just put my name or put “Heather’s Memory Planner for -” What do you guys think?


I love, love, love how MAMBI added the “year at a glance” pages for both 2016-2017. I know this will be a great tool to have in the planner! It is so nice to be able to quickly glance and see what day of the week certain holidays and events will fall on. Plus, they are gorgeous! I love the fonts and colors chosen for these pages on the planner. I love the big year numbers on the side. I love that the months are in bold, bright colors but with a simple font. I think this page is so bright, but not too playoff. It will be perfect to go through and circle upcoming important dates. I love this addition to the planner!

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

I am so in love with the new designs that MAMBI made this year for these planners. They make my heart so, so happy! I love so many things about the currently pages in this planner. They are set up in a very similar way to the Botanical Garden planner. The “Birthdays” and “Important Dates” section have those small, but light dots to help us OCD people write straight. I love the important dates they included under the currently section, and I love that their is a place for goals. Since I am using this planning as a memory planner, I plan to use this page a little differently from my normal planner. I think under the birthday section I will include pictures from the birthdays of the month. under goals, I will include memories that I want to make with my husband that month. I will put important social events under the important dates, and I will probably fill out the “Currently” page with things that my husband and I did together that month instead of just mean. I really want these pages to hold special memories for us!

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(First, I want to apologize for the poor quality of the divider pictures. I had forgotten to take this pictures, and when I remembered the sun was already down. I plan on retaking them soon and editing the post to have the new ones, but figured this would work for now!) The dividers in this page are so bright and oh so very fun. They were one of the reasons that I fell in love with this planner. I love the positive quotes that adorn a few of the dividers. I love the colors because they are so cheerful! I also love that a lot of the dividers in this planner don’t have quotes and just designs. Since I am using this planner as a memory planner, I see myself putting some of my favorite pictures from that month on those pages. Even some of the dividers with quotes still have space to add a little phone in, and I love that. Another thing that I love about the divider pages is how sturdy the monthly tabs are now. MAMBI did a great job of making these reinforced this go around. There will be no need to back them up with packing tape! The tabs in these planners are top notch. I’m so glad they improved this aspect!

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In my last planner, I was always decorating the monthly views like crazy. I felt like the ones in my planner were so plain and needed a lot of washi and stickers added. My feelings are completely different with this planner!  I can already tell my decorating style will completely change with these monthly views. I plan to keep it fairly simple because these monthly views already have a lot going on. I love the designs that are around the year on every spread. They add just the right touch of “fun”! I absolutely adore the designs in the weekends. I know some people hate this aspect of this planner, but it’s one of my favorite parts. The last thing to notice about these monthly pages is that it keeps track of all of the fun and random holidays! I love this aspect and love that it is in my memory planner. I hope to use those as reminders for my husband and I to celebrate silly holidays. I hope to take a picture on those silly holidays and add it underneath! I think that is so fun! Since I’m using this as a memory planner, I plan to use these monthly pages completely differently than what I’ve used in the past. I still haven’t decided for sure how to use them, but right now I’m thinking of two different ways:

  1. I write down one thing I was so thankful for from that day. I thought that would be a fun way to remember the little things from every day!
  2. I print the best picture from each day and put it in the monthly view, so that it’s almost like a monthly overview of our memories.

Let me know in the comments which idea you like best, or if you have any other ways I could use the monthly view as a memory tool!

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Next up we have the weekly view of this planner. There are a few things to notice about the weekly view of this planner. The first and most obvious is the weekend shading/design. I know that a lot of people complain about the weekend’s being shaded, and I originally was one of those people. (My first Happy Planner was Good Things Are Going to Happen; simply because the weekends weren’t shaded!) However, I’ve recently converted to being a lover of the shaded weekends. I found that I use to always separate the weekends out with washi tape because I wanted them to stand out- I now don’t have to worry about that. I especially love that they have these fun designs on the weekends! In a normal planner I think these designs would drive me crazy, but I think it will add a lot of fun and cheerfulness to my memory planner. My husband and I always try to do fun things together on the weekends, and I think these decorated weekends will help to accent the fun we have on the weekends!

Another thing to notice about this planner is that there are no header bars running across the top, middle, and bottom boxes. This planner took that out completely. I personally loved that for a memory planner because I have more space for larger photos and more writing! I plan to not only put in pictures in this memory planner but also jot down notes about the things that make up our daily lives, and I loved that this planner had a little extra space to do that.

I also love the bottom row of these spreads. I love that it is a solid line, sometimes with a quote or design. I love this because I think that it won’t take away from all of the memories I plan on putting in this planner.
IMG_3206At the end of the planner there is a page for “Notes”. I’m not sure yet how I will use this in the memory keeping aspect of this planner, but it is a nice addiction to have nonetheless.

The back of this cover has the same blue diagonal stripes as well as the “Create 365” logo. I will have to take a picture of it tomorrow and add it to this post!

Picture taken from MAMBI Shop

You also can’t forget about the coordinating washi tape!! I haven’t gotten the washi to match this planner yet, but I plan to as soon as my local Michael’s starts stocking it.  I am obsessed with the fact that mambi made matching washi tape for these planners!! What a genius idea!! I know I am going to love coordinating the washi with my planner.

Also, it may just be an illusion, but I am convinced that the paper in this planner is even thicker and nicer than the paper in the first generation of planners. That might not be true. but it seems that way to me!


  1. I thought the bright colors added a fun and cheerfulness to memory planning. When I look back on my memories from the year, I hope to be reminded of the good times. I think that the bright colors will do just that.
  2. I think the confetti on the cover page is just screaming “THIS IS GOING TO BE A GREAT YEAR!”, and I want to use this planner to help remember the greatness.
  3. The “Currently” page has great spots for pictures from birthdays, important dates, and to keep track of the memories we are currently living!
  4. Most of the divider pages have a lot of free space- I plan on using these to add my one or two favorite pictures from the month! It will be a great space to feature the best memories from that month.
  5. The monthly pages have the fun and random holidays marked. I love this and plan to celebrate these silly holidays with my husband and post pictures of us celebrating them. I think it’s a fun aspect to add in to the memory planning!
  6. The weekly pages have decorated weekends, which will highlight the fun times that my husband and I always have on the weekends.
  7. The weekly pages don’t have any headers bars, so that leaves more room for pictures and journal-ing!

I can’t wait to start using Be Bright to memory plan in July! It is going to be so hard to just let it sit on a shelf until then. I’m sure I will be pulling it down often to do a flip through of it! Don’t forget to check out my review on the Botanical Garden planner! I will do more reviews on the new planners once I buy the one other that I plan to use this year! If you’re interested in the “Sugar and Type” planner that is exclusive to Hobby Lobby and the MAMBI website, check out Amber’s review on her blog! Also, if you’re new to planning, be sure to check out my post on 5 Tips to Becoming a Happy Planner! as well as 5 Essential {& Cheap} Planner Supplies! to help you get started!

Which planner are you planning on buying this year, and what are you planning to use it for? Share in the comments below or go tell me on IG: @kellofaplan ! Us Happy Planners are always looking for new reasons to buy another planner!

Happy Planning!


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