10 Reasons why “Aunt” is my favorite title!

I have a lot of titles, and I love most of them. Wife, sister, teacher, friend, daughter. However, one of my favorite titles is aunt.

I became an official aunt on October 19, 2012. That was the day my adorable little nephew, Carter, came into this world. The first time I saw him, I knew I was in trouble. He instantly had me wrapped around his little, tiny finger. Over the years, I’ve gained a second nephew and two nieces- Blake, Lexie, and Madelyn. Every single time, they grab a big piece of my heart and I’m instantly hooked on them.

Lexie (16 Months), Carter (3 Years), and Blake (12 Months) in this picture!
Top 10 Reasons why “Aunt” is one of my favorite titles:

10. We make our own little traditions, and they love them so much that they never forget them! For example, every time I see Carter at his grandmother’s house he wants to do two things: 1) Play hide and seek and 2) Watch “High Ho High Ho” on youtube. We only do these things at grandmother’s house though! He loves them both so much, and never lets me forget to do them.


9. They know that you will spoil them, and you love doing it. They already know that when “Aunt Header” comes around, there will be surprises, gifts, and special treats. Why not give them all the sugar?? You can get them on a sugar high, and then give them back!  

8. Snuggles. When they are this little, they still love to snuggle with you. All the time. And it’s beautiful!

7. As soon as you walk in the door, they yell “Play! Play! Play!” They know you aren’t afraid to get on the floor and play for hours. It transports you back to being a kid and the life of vivid imaginations. You better take it all in too, because there will be a day where they won’t want to play with their old aunt anymore!


6. They miss you just as much as you miss them. The best thing in the world is when you get a phone call or facetime from your brother or sister because one of the little ones says, “I miss Aunt Header, let’s call her!” Heart. Melted.

5. They teach you to be silly again. When they call you on an imaginary phone, you pick that imaginary phone up. When they laugh uncontrollably when you make silly faces, you make those silly faces. When they want to run around the yard in circles and then fall down laughing until their belly hurts… you do it with them.


4. You can give them back to their parents. Sure, some day I want kids of my own. Sometimes I hope that day is closer than I do on other days. But I love being an aunt because I can spoil them, play with them, and have a grand ol’ time with them– but when they are being whiney, or sick, or I’m just plain exhausted… they go right back to their parents to deal with. 😉


3. You get to revisit your childhood. You get the chance to reread books you loved as a kid, watch movies you loved as a kid, and even play with the toys you loved as a kid. And you get to do it all while experiencing their joy of doing it all for the very first time. What’s better than that?


2. They bring you closer to your siblings. Your siblings are your first friends and some of the most important people in your life, but you still gain this new level of respect and love for them when you see the amazing way they are raising these little people. You also spend a lot more time with your siblings then you probably did beforehand, mainly because you want to see those little people every chance you get… but it brings you closer to them in the long run.  

1.They teach you more about love than you could ever imagine. The love I have for my nieces and nephews is unlike any other love I’ve ever known. The first time I held them each in my arms, you feel it spread throughout your entire body, and it never goes away. The first time they tell you they love you, you melt into a puddle of emotions. (I was babysitting Carter one night and put him in his crib to go to bed. As I was walking out, I said “I love you!” just like I always did. This time, he responded with, “I wuv you too, Header!”. You better believe I snatched him out of that crib and hugged him to death! It was a moment I will never forget.) It’s an unconditional love like I’ve never felt before, and they teach me more about that love every single day.

 So to all the aunts out there- remember that you matter to those kids, you impact those kids, and those kids love you to the moon and back too! Being an aunt is my most rewarding title so far!

If you’re an aunt, I’d love to hear from you about why you think being an aunt is so great! Leave me a comment below!

Now go spoil those little ones you’ve been blessed with!!!


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