“MAMBI-fy” it!- A DIY Tutorial

This is not a sponsored post. I just really, really love my Happy Planner and want to share the love and ideas!

I have been using a journaling Bible for about four years now. One of my girlfriends originally showed hers to me, and I instantly fell in love. I know a lot of people use their journaling Bibles to paint, draw, and decorate– but I use mine simply for note taking. I use to write all in my Bible, but I never had a lot of room and it was tiny and squished. The journaling Bible gives me plenty of room to write sermon notes and notes from my own independent studies. I got my journaling Bible from Amazon, but I’m sure you can find them elsewhere as well. This is the link to the exact one that I use now.

I use to have a different one though, until my husband’s dog chewed it to pieces in April. (I guess she was hungry for The Word, eh? I kid, I kid…) I was devastated, but then I realized it was a great opportunity to make my new one adorable! (Don’t tell that to my hand though- it is still getting cramped often from transferring over all of my old notes!) I took a huge leap, and decided to “MAMBI-fy” my new Bible!


The supplies I used for this project were my favorite MAMBI pocket page cards that had patterns on them, a TAB punch (I didn’t use this one but this one is similar to what I used), packing tape, MAMBI stickers, MAMBI washi tape, and a MAMBI pen holder.

First off, I went through all of my MAMBI pocket page cards (I have a lot) and chose my favorite patterns. I then used my TAB punch and punched tabs out of each card. My TAB punch was a little smaller than the one I linked, so I was able to get 2-3 tabs out of each card.


After punching all of the tabs, I went through and put them into a pattern order that I would then place them into my Bible in. After choosing that order, I went through and wrote the name of each book of the bible on to the tab. I don’t have a laminator, but if I did, I would have laminated the tabs at this point. Instead, I covered them in packing tape and then cut them out. This is an easy way to “kind of” laminate something when you don’t have a laminator. I then used a tape runner to tape them on to the first page of each book of the Bible, staggering the tabs as I went.


When I was finished with the tabs, I went to the first page and used MAMBI alphabet stickers, Gold stickers, and washi tape to embellish the first page with my name. I love, love, love how the first page turned out. I think it is so adorable!


One of my biggest struggles on Sunday mornings is finding a pen to write with. This is especially difficult because it has to be the perfect pen- one that I love the way it writes, but it also can’t bleed through my pages. Once I find the perfect pen, I like to use it forever. Therefore, I added a pink MAMBI pen holder to the back of my Bible so that I could always have my pen there.

newpen I also found this new pen (pictured above) at Target, and it’s amazing for this Bible! It now resides in my pen loop, and looks super cute!


I thought I was done after all of that, but when I looked at the front of my Bible, I just thought the black was too plain. I pulled out my MAMBI faith sticker pack and found this sticker. I love that verse, so I decided to pop it on to the front of my Bible. I think it’s perfect- adds a little bit of design, but not too much to overwhelm it.


This journaling Bible is perfect for me, and I love it even more now that it’s “MAMBI-fied”! I love how easy it is to take MAMBI products and use them to create something that works for you!

How have you used the MAMBI punch to embellish items outside of your planner? I’d love to hear your ideas! Leave a comment below or go tell me your ideas on my IG- @kellofaplan !
Happy planning!

One thought on ““MAMBI-fy” it!- A DIY Tutorial

  1. This is gorgeous! I absolutely love this idea, but I don’t know how I will utilize the sides since I sometimes write a lot. IDK, I think I could probably wing it, and this is my favorite translation. Great post!


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