Botanical Garden Planner- Week 1

This is not a sponsored post. I just really, really love my Happy Planner and want to share the love and ideas!

It is finally here! Our first week in our new Happy Planners! It felt like it took forever, but we are finally all moved in to our new planners. I don’t know about you, but I am loving mine! So far I have started in Botanical Garden- which I plan to use as my normal day-to-day planner. I have a few other planners for this year, but I haven’t started in any of those yet. I will write a blog post soon about how I plan on using each of those planners! Today I wanted to write an overview of my first week in my Botanical Garden planner!


First off, I wanted to share the cover of this planner. It’s gorgeous, stunning, beautiful… I’m obsessed with it!


I have also seen a ton of people putting on Facebook that they are so nervous about writing their names on the cover page! Trust me, I was the same way. This year, I decided to use MAMBI stickers instead of trusting my handwriting. I love how it turned out!


I bought this planner in February, but basically put it on a shelf and tried to ignore it until this week. I was afraid I would get ahead of myself and start decorating, and then hate it when the week finally arrived. Then the day finally came for me to decorate… and I found myself terrified. I knew I didn’t want to cover up a lot of the planner with washi like I did in my old planner. This one is too gorgeous to cover up. I was so intimidated, but I finally decided to just jump in and get started. If I hated what it turned out to be, I knew I would just turn the page and start over the next week! Luckily, I love how it turned out. Here it is before (most) of the pen!


I try to always post a mid-week spread on my IG (@kellofaplan). I like to keep up with how it’s looking halfway through. So on Wednesday afternoon, I snapped a picture and posted it. And I found that I was in love with what my first half week looked like in this planner!


Some info, notes, and tips about the above photo:

  • The black and white stripes on the left side are cute from a MAMBI pocket page card. I hadn’t orginally planned to put that there. I had actually stamped there, but the stamp was crooked and looked horrible! So I covered it up with this card. I actually love how it turned out!
  • The pink and white striped “To Do” boxes are actually sticky notes from the back to school line that can be found at Hobby Lobby. I think they are SO CUTE though. So I ran a tape runner down the bottom part and stuck them in as if they were stickers. I LOVE how those look in this spread.
  • In my old planner, I always wrote our dinners either on the bottom or in the left “Notes” section. This week I decided to try writing them on a note insert (pictured on the right, black and white striped), and I love how that turned out! I love that it’s not taking space in my planner, but it’s also so cute and matches the spread nicely.
  • The flower stickers that I used on the left side on the black stripes and next to “Finding Dory” are the only non-MAMBI products on this spread. I got those from ohheystickerco on Etsy. I’m a tried and true MAMBI addict, but she had a few sticker pages that matched this planner perfectly that I couldn’t say no to!
  • The check list stamp is from MAMBI. I have a love/hate relationship with this stamp. I LOVE being able to stamp a to do list in my planner, and I love the cleanliness it gives. However, I find it very hard to stamp straight, and I also have found that the stamp doesn’t always stamp perfectly. But I have found that the black Papermate Flair pen is the same exact color ink. So anytime the stamp doesn’t stamp perfectly, I just take that pen and fill in the gaps. It has worked so well for me!


I love the pop of color and notes on big events that were added by using the MAMBI pocket page insert. This is such a great addition to any week. It’s a great spot to add in notes from the weekend, inspiring quotes, pictures, or even just pops of colors and designs. I love this product from MAMBI!


The second half of my week turned out just as cute as the first half. Again, I’m loving the floral stickers and weekend banner from ohheystickerco on Etsy. I bought a few sheets of these and can really see myself using them throughout this planner. I am also loving all of the MAMBI stamps and stickers I was able to incorporate in the second half of my week. It helps staying organized be so easy!


I will be using Be Bright as my memory planner, and now that the first week is over I can officially get started in it! I have decided to wait until the end of each week and then go back and decorate the finished week in my memory planner. This way I can print out all of the pictures I want to put in and really design around the photos. Check back soon for a post about my first week memory planning in that planner! I am so excited to get started.


Overall, I am in love with my first week in my Botanical Garden planner. I think it turned out so cute and it has me very excited about the coming year in this planner! I already can’t wait to get started on planning next week. How did your first week turn out in your new Happy Planner? I’d love to hear about your first week and see photos! Leave a comment below or go tag me in your picture on my IG- @kellofaplan !
Happy planning!

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