Be Bright Planner- Week 1

This is not a sponsored post. I just really, really love my Happy Planner and want to share the love and ideas!

It is finally here! Our first week in our new Happy Planners! It felt like it took forever, but we are finally all moved in to our new planners. I don’t know about you, but I am loving mine! So far I have started in Botanical Garden- which I plan to use as my normal day-to-day planner. You can see my post about my first week in that planner by clicking here. I have a few other planners for this year, and the second one I am going to write about today is my “Be Bright” planner!


You can see my review of this planner and find out more about it by clicking here. I am using my “Be Bright” planner as my memory planner. Amanda, the social media coordinator for Me and My Big Ideas, started posting about using a planner as a memory planner several months ago. I fell in love with the idea and knew I would start doing it as soon as the new planners started. I loved how bright and cheerful this planner was, so I knew it would be perfect! I was so excited to finally get started in my memory planner this week. Here is an overview of my first week of memory planning! 🙂


This is the first half of my first week in my memory planner, and I LOVE how it turned out. I used a pink and navy set from the new MAMBI weekly sticker pack for this week. I am in love with this weekly sticker pack- it makes choosing a theme SO EASY! This sticker pack is currently available online on the MAMBI shop, and will be in Hobby Lobby stores around July 12th. It retails at $19.99 and is worth every penny! I thought the pink and navy set looked so cute in this planner!


I love using MAMBI’s page protectors in my memory planner. It’s the perfect spot to add quotes, extra color, and extra special pictures from the week. We went to Concert in the Gardens in Forth Worth on Saturday night, so on this side of the MAMBI page protector add in I included my favorite picture of the fireworks as well as my favorite picture with the hubs. (Isn’t he so handsome??)


Here is a shot of the second half of my week with the MAMBI page protector next to it. I love how the second half of the week turned out as well!


Here is the full spread together. I know that I’m going to get a lot of questions about how I printed my pictures! I am planning on writing an entire blog post this week about my process, but here is a quick overview of how I did it:

  • Upload picture to computer
  • Insert into Microsoft Word
  • Change the width to 1.4 inches
  • Print!

These are just printed on regular computer paper, although I am considering getting photo paper for upcoming weeks. For now, this worked for me.


Here is a closer look at the second half of my week. It was such a great weekend!! Matthew’s brother was in town, so we spent a lot of time with his family. But my sister and her husband and baby also moved back to DFW this weekend, and I am SO EXCITED about that!! I have a feeling my next week in my memory planner will be full of pictures of the two of us spending LOTS of quality time together!


Overall, I am obsessed with the memory planning process. I LOVED how my first week turned out, and I can’t wait to plan another one! I think this is going to take my obsession with The Happy Planner to an entirely different level. I hope to update you often on my memory planning journey!

I already can’t wait to get started on memmory planning next week. Do any of you use your Happy Planner to memory plan? How did your first week turn out in your memory planner? I’d love to hear about your week and see photos! Leave a comment below or go tag me in your picture on my IG- @kellofaplan !
Happy planning!


9 thoughts on “Be Bright Planner- Week 1

  1. I just started using the Be Bright planner last week too! My first Happy Planner 🙂 Also using it as a memory keeper. Hubby and I are having our first baby in October so I thought it would be perfect to document day to day special memories!
    Maybe this will be helpful to others, maybe not… But when resizing my photos in Microsoft Word, for uncropped vertical photos, I need to resize them to 2″ wide and for square photos (I.e. from IG), I need to resize to 1.5″ in order to fit the columns. Took me a while to figure this out 🙂 For some reason when I was changing the size of the uncropped pics to 1.5″ they were printing out 1″ wide, and neither my husband or I could figure out why.


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