Botanical Garden- Week 5

This is not a sponsored post. I just really, really love my Happy Planner and want to share the love and ideas!

Guys, we have officially finished the first month in our new Happy Planners! I can’t believe how fast this month has gone by! This is week five me in my Botanical Garden Happy Planner. It seems like it took forever to finally get to use it, and now it’s flying by! Today I wanted to write an overview of my fifth week in my Botanical Garden planner! To catch the past weeks in this planner, click the link(s) below:

Above you will see my “before the pen” photo that I posted on my IG on Sunday. I decided to go with a pink and teal spread this week because I think it complimented the design that was already on the page so well. I loved the colors and designs in the July spreads of this planner, and I’m going to miss the pink and gold tones once we move into August!

I automatically reached for the color coordinating sticker sheets from the new MAMBI value pack of stickers. This might be my favorite pack of stickers MAMBI has ever released! (I already bought up a back up pack!) You can find this pack online at the MAMBI shop, and it’s also starting to roll into local Hobby Lobby stores! I loved the pinks and teal colors found throughout this sheet, so this was the sheet that I used in this week’s spread!

Above you will find an upclose shot of the first half of my week. My two nephews were in town this week staying at their grandparent’s house while their parents were on a cruise, so I spent a lot of time hanging out with them this week! My sister and I also spent a lot of time working on refinishing a table for her dining area.

The second half of my week was spent pretty much the same way the first half of the week was. I was busy refinishing the table, working on details for the upcoming planner meet up in Dallas after the Pinners Conference (details coming soon!), and hanging out with my nephews and one of my nieces!  Also, you might notice that after my midweek photo, my discs changed to Rose Gold! Love! I bought these from a fellow planner who got them off the Rose Gold planner but wasn’t using them anymore. I love the way they look on the Botanical Garden planner!!

This week I included my dinner meal planning on another note page from MAMBI. It’s a cute but effective way for me to keep up with what we are cooking for dinner each week! Of course, life happens and we didn’t get to all of the meals like we had planned. But thankfully, I could just postpone some of those to next week! Also, you will probably notice that my “To Do” list from last week carried over into this week as well. I still had a few things to check off, so I just moved it on over when the new week started! That’s one of the best things about the disc system!

Above you will find the final completed spread for this week. I love how it turned out! I love, love, love the pink and teal spread. I loved the colors and designs of July in the Botanical Garden planner. It was so easy for me to decorate with those colors! I know that the oranges and greens in August will stretch me creatively though!

How did your fifth week turn out in your new Happy Planner? I’d love to hear about your fifth week and see photos! Leave a comment below or go tag me in your picture on my IG- @kellofaplan ! Also, if you film a flip through of the entire month in your planner, don’t forget to hashtag it with #monthlyflipthrough !

Happy planning!

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