Botanical Garden- Week 7

This is not a sponsored post. I just really, really love my Happy Planner and want to share the love and ideas!
Y’all, 2016 is flying back! I can’t even believe we are halfway through August. It is so crazy! This is week seven me in my Botanical Garden Happy Planner. I am loving this planner so much! I made w view changes to my planner this week too! I switched back to the gold rings (I had put rose gold on for a few weeks!), and I also changed the cover! Amber from @_amberdowns sent me one of the HP covers I had been crushing on, and it looks so beautiful!
Today I wanted to write an overview of my seventh week in my Botanical Garden planner! To catch the past weeks in this planner, click the link(s) below:

This week I decided to go with the simple but classic black and white theme.  I’m usually all about the color- I love things bright and colorful. This week I decided to try something different, and I love how it turned out. One thing I love about picking specific color schemes for my layout is that it forces me to flip through my sticker books and really look for stickers that match that theme- I was surprised at how many beautiful and fun black stickers I had!

This was my midweek spread that I posted on my instgram on Wednesday. Yes, I realized later that I wrote in twice that I needed to email parents about broadcast camp! But hey, it reminded me to actually do it! HA! This was my first week back at work full time, and man it went by so fast and was such a whirlwind! Thankfully, I love my job and was happy to go back to work!

This was my second half of the week. It was kind of a boring week because pretty much every day went like this: Wake up, go to work, come home, cook dinner, watch the olympics, take a shower, go to bed, repeat. But hey, I’m ok with that kind of week! This weekend went by so fast too! I wish weekends were longer!

I am loving watching the USA gymnastics team this week- they are kicking butt and taking names! I used a MAMBI note sheet to keep track of when all they would be competing over the next two weeks so that I had it! I am loving watching our girls win all of these medals! Go Team USA! (Simone is AMAZING!)

Of course I also used another note sheet to plan out my weekly dinner plans. This has worked so well for me since I started doing it in this planner. We have eaten at home almost every week night for the past seven weeks! That is a big deal for us, and I’m super proud of it! I get tired of cooking- I actually hate cooking- but planning my meals out beforehand really helps me to stick with it.

Here is the overall layout of this week. I used the MAMBI pens that are pictured to write in my planner all week. I am in love with these pens! They are seriously some of my favorite pens. I’m really hoping that they come out with more colors! I loved the black and white theme for this week. like, I loved it loved it! I already can’t wait to do it again in a couple of weeks! It is so clean and classic.

How did your seventh week turn out in your new Happy Planner? I’d love to hear about your seventh week and see photos! Leave a comment below or go tag me in your picture on my IG- @kellofaplan !

Happy planning!

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