College Football in my Memory Planner

This is not a sponsored post. I just really, really love my Happy Planner and want to share the love and ideas!

If you know me well, you know that I am the biggest college football fan in all the land. My ideal fall Saturday consists of waking up by 9AM to watch Gameday, then sitting on the couch and watching football from 11AM until the last game ends. Well, actually, that’s not true. That’s my second best ideal Saturday in the fall. My ideal Saturday in the fall would consist of a day of tailgating on the quad and attending a night game at Bryant Denny Stadium in Tuscaloosa, Alabama— because I’m the world’s biggest Alabama fan!

I grew up in Alabama, and I’m pretty sure “Roll Tide” was probably one of my first phrases. I went to the University of Alabama for college and graduated in May of 2009. I bleed crimson and white, and houndstooth is my favorite print!

Over on Instagram, there are some fellow planner babes who are also big SEC football fans. They have been tagging me in all of their football pages they are creating for their planners, so I had to join in on the fun! I decided to create a section dedicated just for Alabama’s football season in my memory planner!

I started off by grabbing a piece of red cardstock. I cut it down to the size of the dividers, and put houndstooth washi tape down the side. I then punched it with my blue MAMBI punch. (I love that punch!) I printed a houndstooth Alabama “A” and taped it down with a tape runner to the page, and used my brush pens to write “Alabama Crimson Tide”. TADA- a new divider for my new football section of my memory planner!

I then took some MAMBI graph paper that I had lying around, and edged them all with houndstooth washi tape. I think the houndstooth washi tape really made these pages look “Alabama-y”! I then re-punched the pages with my MAMBI blue punch. On the first page, I printed the 2016 schedule and taped it down with a tape runner. Also, isn’t that football washi tape adorable??? I plan to use it a lot on the coming pages to embellish them!


Then for each of the following pages, I dedicated one page per game. I wrote what number game it was at the top, and printed the team logos for the game. I also included the date of the game! I love how these pages turned out.

I left the bottom of the pages blank, and this is where I will “memory plan” in this section. After each game, I plan to come back and reflect on the game. I will write about the score, highlights from the game, and include some pictures from the game. If we are lucky enough to go to that game, I will also include pictures from that game.

I really love how these pages turn out. One of my favorite things about MAMBI and The Happy Planner is how customizable it is. I love that when I get an idea of something I want in my planner, it is so easy to create with their products. All I needed for this project was washi tape, grid paper, and the MAMBI punch. How simple is that?

I am so excited about using this memory planner during football season! I think this is going to be such a fun way to document what should be an amazing football season! I am a crazy football fan, and I am going to love journaling and memory keeping this football season.

Do any of you use your Happy Planner to memory plan? Have you added any extra sections to your memory planner? If so, I’d love to see photos! Leave a comment below or go tag me in your picture on my IG- @kellofaplan !
Happy planning!

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