Botanical Garden- Week 9

This is not a sponsored post. I just really, really love my Happy Planner and want to share the love and ideas!

Guys, we are officially done with August in our planners. WHAT THE WHAT??? That means I only have 10 months left of using this planner! (I know they are 18 month planners, but I only use them for the 12 month academic year.) That is so crazy to me! Is it just me, or does planning make the days, weeks, months, and years seem to fly by??
Today I wanted to write an overview of my ninth week in my Botanical Garden planner! To catch the past weeks in this planner, click the link(s) below:


This week I decided to go with an all gold theme. I thought the gold would compliment the page well without taking away from the designs of the page. I pulled out one of my favorite mambi value sticker packs- the coordinating sheets pack. I flipped to the black and gold page, but only used the gold stickers. I also used some gold stickers from the black and gold planner basics line as well as some gold washi from the black and gold planner basics line. You can find all of these products at your local Hobby Lobby store (if they have them in stock!), or online at the mambi shop!

One of my favorite parts of this week was the top corner under Monday. Monday was the first day of school, so I used some gold foil stickers to remind myself to “Seize the Day”. I’m a firm believer that the way you start your car will reflect on the entire year, so I really wanted to start off strong! But I am also a realist, so I knew it would involve a lot of coffee. I think this corner turned out so cute! (The cute little coffee sticker is from the Planner Basics value pack of stickers. This pack is sold at Hobby Lobby, Aaron Brothers, and online at the mambi shop!)

I also used a mambi pocket page card to meal plan our dinners for the week. I knew that with it being the first week of school, I would never actually cook dinner unless I planned it out beforehand! I grabbed this card because it matched the designs already on the page. I punched it with my mambi punch and popped it right into the planner! It really helped keep our dinners organized this week.

Here is the first half of my week all filled out. I used the mambi pens throughout this week’s spread. Have you tried them yet?? They are some of my favorite pens! They are very fine tipped and write so smoothly. They don’t shadow through the pages and they don’t smear! You need to try them out NOW! You can find them at Hobby Lobby or online at the mambi shop!

Since I am now using the mambi Teacher Planner as my work planner, I am trying to use this more for personal/home planning. However, a few of my important work meetings and activities showed up here is as well. That’s ok with me because the more reminders the better! I love how the first half of this week turned out!

The second half of my week turned out just as cute, if I do say so myself. 😉 That cute gold banner on the bottom of Thursday was made using stickers from the black and gold planner basics sticker pack. Isn’t it adorable?? That’s one of my new favorite ways to decorate with those stickers. Also, isn’t my new coffee mug adorable?? It is from Ashley Brooke Boutique. She makes the cutest stuff! You need to check it out, for sure!

This spread made me fall even more in love with gold foil. You can’t go wrong with an all gold week, amiright?? It is so beautiful, and I promise it looks even prettier in person! (Gold foil is so hard to photograph!) I already can’t wait to do an all gold theme again!

I posted my August #monthlyflipthrough in my regular planner on Instagram this weekend. If you want to join us in posting your #monthlyflipthrough, it’s super easy! Just video yourself flipping through August in your happy planner and post it to instagram with the hashtag #monthlyflipthrough ! I can’t wait to see yours

How did your ninth week turn out in your new Happy Planner? I’d love to hear about your ninth week and see photos! Leave a comment below or go tag me in your picture on my IG- @kellofaplan !

Happy planning!

4 thoughts on “Botanical Garden- Week 9

  1. Heather, are you still doing these weekly spread posts? Can you direct me where to find them if you are? Do you have a YouTube channel or a vlog? This is the same planner I use and I look forward to these posts. Thank you!!!


    1. I am not still doing these weekly spreads. I stared using more than two planners, and it was impossible to do a post on every one every week. However, I do have a post going live this week that is a review of October in this planner, so it will be similar to this but the entire month. I don’t have a YouTube channel, but I’m working on getting everything together that I would need to start one.


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