Pinners Conference- Texas

This weekend was the long awaited Pinners Conference in Arlington, Texas and it was AMAZING!

I found out about this conference in early summer, and as soon as it was announced that The Happy Planner was coming, I signed up! I started talking to a bunch of my Instagram planner friends, and they all decided to come too! I couldn’t believe I was finally going to meet my online planner friends in real life, and I’ve been anxiously awaiting this event ever since!

I bought a ticket for Saturday and I hadn’t planned to go on Friday, but then they posted a free code to go shopping Friday, and me and Liz (@thenotableliz) decided to meet up and go! I am SO glad we did! We headed straight to The Happy Planner booth and spent most of our time there!

We met up with Mariel from @momandagirlwithplans , and y’all she is SO FUNNY!!! She was seriously the best. I can’t wait to head down to Austin soon to plan with her some more!!

Since it wasn’t *too* crazy on Friday, we had a lot of time to chat with owner and creator of Me and My Big Ideas- Mrs Stephanie Fleming herself!! (@stephanie_fleming) I already loved her, but meeting her sealed the deal. She is so personable and truly cares about her customers! It felt like talking to an old friend! Stephanie, you are amazing! Your product is amazing, but your personality and love for people is even more amazing! 😘😘😘

When Amanda was done presenting at the Michaels booth, we got some time to chat with her too! Amanda is The Happy Planner’s social media coordinator ((can we talk about what an amazing job that would be, and how much she rocks it??)) You can follow her at @amandarosezamp , but she’s also the one behind @the_happy_planner account! Amanda is so full of life, energy, and love! You cant help but be excited and happy when you are around her- it just bursts from her! I loved getting to meet her in real life! 😘😘

Saturday I met my sister, Holly, and friend, Cali, at Pinners! We did a lot of shopping- they had so many great booths! It was so fun to have a girl’s day with them, especially because we use to see Cali all the time but now it’s not so much! Thanks for meeting us, Cali, we had so much fun!

Of course I had to take them by The Happy Planner booth too! They had to experience the greatness, and I even made them take pictures with the huge planners! 😍 They both have Happy Planners, and I just need to get them even more addicted!!

A few weeks ago, Michelle (@planthehappies) and I met for lunch in McKinney, so this wasn’t the first time that we met. We met up at the booth though for a planner picture together. She is one of my favorite planner babes to follow. Her handwriting is amazing, and her personality is even better! It was so fun to spend the day with you, Michelle!

The Happy Planner class was at 2:00, so we got there about 1:30! It was already so packed so we had to sit towards the back. In the class, you could purchase this kit for $20. It was a value of at least $75 though! I couldn’t believe all the amazing Happy Planner goodies they included. We got the Sugar and Type planner (this one is at Michael’s), a set of mini gold discs, an extra cover, a folder, a pack of notebook/graph paper, a pack of stickers from the Planner Basics line at Hobby Lobby, a tube of coordinating washi, a highlighter, a planner band, and a “I am a Happy Planner” sticker! WOAH! It was the perfect kit, especially for people who are just starting in their Happy Planner journey!Holly went to the Planner class with me, and she was so excited about it! She was just planning away throughout the class, and she said she loved all of the tips that were shared! I think it made her a little more excited about happy planning! She currently has a teacher planner, but is super excited to dive into the new planner that she got in the class!

This is my friend Erica! We use to work together last year, and she loved to tease me about my Happy Planner! I use to tell her all the time that she needed to get one, but she was always like, “NO, I do NOT want one of those!!!” Well over the summer, she finally got one… and she’s doing so great with it!! She uses it to regular plan AND memory plan, and I’m so proud of what she is creating! I was so glad that she joined me at The Happy Planner class!!Β 

Stephanie did a great job with the class at Pinners. It was so much fun! She shared a lot of helpful tips for newbies and even had videos from some of the Design Team girls to share. It was a great class for newbies to learn about all the Happy Planner, and it was so much fun to connect with so many of my planner friends in real life! It was just perfect!

I could not recommend the Pinners Conference more! There were so many fun classes, amazing booths, and it was so fun to connect with other planner babes!!

So now these are the big questions…. 1) Who is going to Pinners Conference in Arizona or Utah?? I would LOVE to make one of those trips!! It would be so fun to do all over again!!…. and 2) Who else thinks a huge Happy Planner conference needs to be planned STAT??? It would seriously be the best weekend EVER!! Let’s do it, Stephanie!!

Coming soon: a blog post all about my #postpinnersmambimeetup ! I can’t wait to share it all with you!!

Who else went to Pinners Conference Dallas? Did you love it as much as I did? Leave me a comment below, or head over to my IG and tell me all about your experience! (@kellofaplan)

One thought on “Pinners Conference- Texas

  1. Although I didn’t participate in any workshops, I attended the expo on Saturday with my sisters. I was really impressed with the vendors. I loved The Happy Planner booth! It was nice to see how personable Stephanie and Amanda were. I can’t wait til next year!


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