Post Pinners mambi Meetup- Part 1- The PEOPLE!

On Saturday, I hosted the “Post Pinners mambi Meetup” at a Michael’s store in Arlington, Texas. I thought I would start this post with telling you the background on how this event came to be. In early summer, I found out that The Happy Planner would be coming to Pinners Conference in Texas. I was immediately pumped and signed up to go to both the expo and The Happy Planner class. I posted about it on my Instagram account (@kellofaplan), and a ton of my fellow planner babes started talking about coming as well. I knew right away that I wanted to spend more time with these ladies than just in an hour class at Pinners, so we started talking about meeting up together after the conference.

I reached out to Stephanie Fleming (owner and creator of Me and My Big Ideas, the maker of The Happy Planner) and told her about our plans for a meetup. I invited her and the other ladies to come if they had time– but I honestly didn’t except them to make time for this little ol’ event.

Stephanie replied and said they would love to come, and better yet, they would love to SPONSOR it! I was blown away by her offer. She called me a few days later (I was totally fan girl-ing on that phone call and SO nervous!), and we chatted about the plans. We decided to host it in a local Michael’s Stores classroom, and agreed that @the_happy_planner on Instagram would advertise the event. I was so excited!

This is the first post about the meetup- in this post, I am going to share the fun pictures from the event with all of the planner babes. In my next post that will be up tomorrow, I will share other information about the decor and the activities!

First off, I could not have pulled off this event without my best friend and twin sister- Holly. She was my right hand and my assistance throughout the entire thing. She helped me set up everything before, she made sure I ate before, and she helped me make extra copies of the activity before. Throughout the event, she passed out bingo cards and tickets, and assisted me during the giveaways. She was the best, and I’m so glad she was there! Thank you for everything, Holls!

We took this picture before the event started. Let me introduce you to Liz (@thenotableliz), Michelle (@planthehappies), and Mariel (@momandagirlwithplans). These are three of my favorite planner babes! We have all been chatting and sharing with each other for weeks now, so it was SO fun to meet in person and hang out all weekend. All three of them are amazing planners, and even better in person! They are each so genuine, sweet, funny, and inspiring. I am blessed to call them some of my planner besties!!


This lady doesn’t need any introducing- this is the beautiful and wonderful Stephanie! (@stephanie_fleming) I loved her products before this weekend, and I love them even more now that I know her in real life. She is so funny, so caring, and so genuine. She sincerely cares about every one of her customers and wants to get to know them. She is amazing and so inspiring! What an amazing role model and #girlboss. You are the BEST, Stephanie! Thank you for an amazing weekend! (Also, great job on the accidental coordinating of our outfits! 😉 )

Of course, my sister wanted to snag a picture with Stephanie before the night was over too, but she wanted me in the picture with her. (#harwoodtwins)

Now this planner babe might be one you aren’t that familiar with, but you should be. This girl is AMAZING. Her name is Ale(@planning_foreverything) and she is in high school. I am blessed to be real life friends with her Aunt Jamie. Ale has been following me on instagram for awhile, and when she found out her aunt was for real friends with me, she didn’t quite believe it! Ha! I loved meeting her in person this weekend. She is so organized and on top of her life- she seriously juggles so many titles- and she inspires me to achieve more. You seriously need to go check out her planner spreads- she gets so much done with her time! It’s so impressive! Ale, I can’t wait for you to come back to DFW so we can plan together!

Next up is Nicole! She is one of my favorite planner babes to follow. Her spreads are always so cute and inspiring. The way she layers stickers and washis is my favorite! It was so fun to meet her in person. I hate that our picture turned out blurry, but I guess it just means we need to get together again soon for a new one! (And hopefully no flat tires next time!)


This is Licia (@the_add_planner)! Y’all, she is so funny and full of life! She was so energetic and excited to be there, and I loved meeting her. She really brought the life to the party! She traveled a LONG way for this weekend, and it was so fun to meet her!


This is Liz from @Lizbutterfly! We didn’t get to take a picture at the meetup, but I wanted to share this one from the Pinners Conference! It was SO fun to meet her in person! I have followed her for so long, and I loved meeting her in person!

This is Annette from @omgstationaryco! I have LOVED her planner account for a long time, and was so tickled to meet her! She was so sweet in person. I love how she ALWAYS has that special filter to her pictures- it’s like her signature on every picture! She is too cute! I’m so glad I got to meet you, Annette!

Oh, to meet Amanda (@amandarosezamp) in person was a dream! She is the social media coordinator for Me and My Big Ideas and is simply amazing! I have followed her since the beginning of my planner journey, and she has inspired me all along the way! She is the entire reason I picked up on memory planning, and she is a big reason as to why I have fallen in love with happy planning. She is so sweet and bubbly- in a few words, she is the best. I can’t wait to meet again, Amanda!

And this is the beautiful and talented Janna Wilson (@janna_wilson)! I have been fan girling over this one for awhile. She is SO talented! She is the one behind the beautiful faith planner that debuted a few weeks ago, and yall she is SO precious in person. So, so precious! She spent a LARGE majority of her day writing people’s names in their planners for them! That’s how amazing her lettering is! My sister was super obsessed with meeting her and was so excited to take a picture with her. Janna, you are one in a million and we loved meeting you this weekend!

This is Thuy (@heythuydotcom), and I grabbed her for a quick selfie before she left! She is amazing! She is on mambi’s design team, and her work is so inspiring. I have been following her since the beginning of my planning journey, so it was so fun to meet her in person this weekend! Thanks for coming to the meetup, Thuy, and I hope our paths cross again soon!

There are two girls in the above picture that I didn’t get another picture with, and that is Janet (@janetrcave) and Erica (@ericacanant)! Janet is a brand new planner addict (welcome to the addiction), and Erica is the funniest and sweetest person in the entire world! This picture above makes me so happy! So many of my favorite planners in one picture! This photo will definitely be framed and up in my office STAT!

Of course I didn’t get a picture with every single planner babe at the event. If I didn’t get one with you, please don’t think it’s because I wasn’t excited that you were there! I just forgot to take more pictures. I am so thankful for EACH of you that made it out, and I’m SO thankful that Amanda took this fun group selfie! What a fun event it was, and it wouldn’t have happened without each of you taking a chance on me and coming out!! I hope you enjoyed it as much as I did!


Remember to come back tomorrow to check out the decor and activities. For now, here’s a little sneak peek….

Who doesn’t love mambi bingo???

LOTS of planner sharing and planner talk! It was so fun and SO inspiring! I learned so much from all of you!

Again, thank you to each of you who came out to the event! If you have any more pictures, be sure to post them on IG to #postpinnersmambimeetup !

And a HUGE thank you to Stephanie and @the_happy_planner for my AMAZING hostess gift! They gave me the new tote bag in blue, the new pen case in blue, the white polka dot deluxe cover, the peony planner, and another coordinating sticker value pack of stickers. WOW! They totally went above and beyond, and it meant so much to me!

Check back tomorrow for part two- info on decor and activities! I can’t wait to share more about the Post Pinners mambi Meetup with you!

Happy Planning!




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