Post Pinners mambi Meetup- Part 2- Decor

On Saturday, I hosted the “Post Pinners mambi Meetup” at a Michael’s store in Arlington, Texas. I thought I would start this post with telling you the background on how this event came to be. In early summer, I found out that The Happy Planner would be coming to Pinners Conference in Texas. I was immediately pumped and signed up to go to both the expo and The Happy Planner class. I posted about it on my Instagram account (@kellofaplan), and a ton of my fellow planner babes started talking about coming as well. I knew right away that I wanted to spend more time with these ladies than just in an hour class at Pinners, so we started talking about meeting up together after the conference.

I reached out to Stephanie Fleming (owner and creator of Me and My Big Ideas, the maker of The Happy Planner) and told her about our plans for a meetup. I invited her and the other ladies to come if they had time– but I honestly didn’t except them to make time for this little ol’ event.

Stephanie replied and said they would love to come, and better yet, they would love to SPONSOR it! I was blown away by her offer. She called me a few days later (I was totally fan girl-ing on that phone call and SO nervous!), and we chatted about the plans. We decided to host it in a local Michael’s Stores classroom, and agreed that @the_happy_planner on Instagram would advertise the event. I was so excited!

This is the second post about the meetup- in this post, I am going to show and explain all of the decor, activities, and favors that I made and planned for the event. In my recent post, I shared other photos of the events as well as all of the fellow planner babes I got to meet. Click here to check out part one! I knew right away that I wanted this event to scream “mambi”, so I used all mambi products to create the decor. I used the Peony mambi sheets as the inspiration for a color scheme for this event!

When you first walked in to the event, you would have seen this small table set up. This was our “welcome” table!

  • I created the banner that is hanging on the wall from the Peony mambi sheets. I cut the bunting from the paper. I then cut white circles from white paper using a circle punch. I used my sharpie brush pen to write “I Am A Happy Planner”. I then strung it on pink ribbon.
  • I created the favor canvas from leftover paper scraps from the banner. I took the scraps and punched circles with my circle punch. Then I painted the words on the canvas, and mod podged the circles on to the canvas. I LOVE how this turned out!
  • The favors were in the striped baskets- more on those later!
  • I will also share more later on the frames and bingo game that you also see on this table!

The picture above shows the beginning of our giveaway table. Stephanie brought even more giveaways with her when she arrived! The Happy Planner was SO generous in the giveaway items! We gave away 6 sticker books (some of them being the book that hasn’t even been released yet!), two Happy Planner hats, three planner packs (deluxe cover, planner, and sticker book), two tote bags, and one tote bag with a planner pack inside! WOW! Everyone was so excited about the giveaways. I can’t thank them enough for donating all of it!

  • I got the pink bucket from Target. It was only $1! I then used a black sharpie to write “tickets” across it. We put the tickets in the bucket, and drew from that bucket to determine our winners!

Here is a photo of the centerpieces that I created. I love how these turned out SO much!

  • I got pink and blue tablecloths for the event because I thought it matched the paper from the mambi sheets the most.
  • I got the black and white striped table runners from Hobby Lobby in the party section! I chose to use a LOT of black and white stripes because it’s mambi’s signature pattern!
  • For the vases, I modpodged some of the paper from the mambi sheet pack on to regular flower vases. I then created the flowers from tissue paper. It takes awhile, but they are so cute when they are done! I just looked on Pinterest for different tutorials on tissue paper flowers.
  • For the frames, I purchased plain wooden frames from Hobby Lobby. Then I used mambi washi in the same color schemes and covered the frames. Then I modpodged the frames so that the washi tape would be permanent on the frames. I used a brush pen to write out the hashtag on the cardboard that went in the frame.

Here is a shot of both of the tables and the center pieces! I love how they turned out so much. They both look so “mambi” to me, and it was so fun to see what I imagined come to life!

This was one of my favorite parts of the meet up- the photo booth! It was so easy to create too. Next time you host an event, I highly suggest doing this! It was so much fun and really added to the event.

  • The black and white striped background is just one roll of this bulletin board paper from a local teacher’s store. We just hung it on the wall, and let it roll out onto the floor as well. That was it!
  • I got the gold accents from Hobby Lobby. The words “happy” were from this happy birthday pack. The gold accent dots are from the Gold Glitter Hanging Dot pack. Two simple accent pieces that really made the photo booth POP!

Of course, you can’t have a photo booth without props! This was another fun thing for my to create. I really wanted items that people could use to make their photos even more fun!

  • I painted the canvases myself. The “I am a happy planner” canvas now resides in my office!
  • The two on the right have painted quotes on the top, but the bottom was created with mambi sheets. I modpodge the paper to the canvas, and then topped the paper with striped mambi washi. I love how they both turned out!
  • The props in the polka dot vase are mambi props. I got them from Hobby Lobby and they were so easy to put together!
  • I also provided a chalkboard and chalk in case any one wanted to write their own message for their photo!
  • Check out the hashtag on Instagram to see some people’s photos! #postpinnersmambimeetup

Here is a shot of the photo booth and the props side by side! I loved this side of the meet up, and I loved seeing people take pictures there as well. It was so easy to put together, and I plan to do things like this at all of my future events!

All right, now let’s talk about this personalized water bottles! I knew that I wanted to have personalized water bottles at the event because I knew that people would get thirsty. I looked on etsy for weeks trying to find something that was a) affordable and b)fit in my color schemes. I never found anything that was perfect. One night I was chatting with one of my favorite planner babes- Liz from @thenotableliz- and she told me she could design some! I am so glad I went with her– they were PERFECT! Above is the set up of all the waters, but below you will see what the label looked like when it was rolled out. Liz, they were SO perfect and everyone loved them. THANK YOU for your hard work on them! (And guys, if you can zoom in on the label… look at those ingredients! She is so clever!)


At the beginning of the event, I really wanted the girls in attendance to get to know each other. I didn’t want people to just come in and sit. I was envisioning an event where planners got to meet fellow planners, but I also know that sometime it is hard to talk to strangers. Therefore, I planned mambi BINGO! As girls came in, they were given a copy of the bingo page. Their job was to go around and have people sign a box that described what kind of planner they were. They could only have one person sign the sheet one time, so they had to meet several people! When they were finished, they turned it in to a drawing. We drew two names from the bingo cards to win sticker books! I heard from a lot of girls that they loved playing this game because it made it so easy to meet other people, so I’m really glad I planned it! Below is a picture of the game.


Here is a picture that a fellow planner posted of the water bottle and the bingo game. I love how they matched. They both turned out so cute! It’s all in the details, right? I think these items really added to the event!

And for the last part of the meetup that I want to discuss: the favors! They were SO popular. I think they were gone in the first 20 minutes of the event! One of my favorite things about mambi is that when you order from their website, they send you an adorable “I am a Happy Planner” sticker. I have several of these stickers, and I love sticking them everywhere! They inspired these favors. I called my favorite local baker (Ruth Robbins, owner of Tastefully Yours Cakes– if you are in the Southlake area, check her out! Her prices are amazing and her baked goods are delicious!). I sent her an image of the sticker, and she said she’d make the cookies based off the sticker. She went above and beyond! I loved them so much!


So there you have it- the decor, activities, and favors from the Post Pinners mambi Meetup! I had so much fun planning this event, and I thought it went off so well. We had about 65 people come, and everyone was so happy to be there. We spent the majority of the time hanging out with each other and sharing our planners, and it was a blast. Thank you to every planner babe who came out to the event! And a HUGE thank you to Stephanie and Amanda for being our guests of honor, and to The Happy Planner for sponsoring my event and providing the giveaways. It was so much fun! I can’t wait to do it again!

(NOTE: I know a lot of you have asked if they will be doing a Post Pinners mambi Meetup after every Pinners conference. The answer is: I don’t know! Stephanie and the mambi people didn’t have much to do with the planning side of this event- they were already overwhelmed with planning the Pinners side of it! I think it will just depend on if someone volunteers to put one together and host it in the next area!)

I can’t wait for my next mambi meetup! I don’t know when I will host another one, but I know that I loved doing it so much that I hope I get to again some day!

Happy planning!

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