Deluxe Covers for The Happy Planner

Last weekend I received two Deluxe Covers for my Happy Planner! Since these items aren’t even released yet, I wanted to take some time to share pictures of them! Before I get into the product, I want to explain how I won these products! (And just to note, these deluxe covers will be available at your local Michael’s stores around October 28th and the mambi shop shortly thereafter!)


In August, The Happy Planner company hosted a “Happy Planner Dance” challenge on Instagram. It was AMAZING!! You can check out the dances by looking up the hashtag #thehappyplannerdance .  Stephanie thought up the challenge because she wanted videos of real life Happy Planners dancing to Pharrel’s “Happy” song. She then took the videos and created a montage of the dances that she shared in her Pinners class in Dallas, Texas. It was amazing!

What was even more amazing was the prizes- every person whose video made it into the final video received a FREE deluxe cover for their Happy Planner– a month and a half before they were released to the public! Talk about an amazing deal! It’s just another reason that I love this company. They create fun challenges for their customer’s to participate in, and they give away so much amazing product.

My video made the final video, but we all know it was really my husband’s video that won the cover for me! (He is too funny!) I received the Gold Deluxe Cover for winning this challenge.

The same weekend that my gold deluxe cover arrived, I also hosted the #postpinnersmambimeetup in Arlington, Texas following the Pinners Conference. The Happy Planner sponsored my event, and as my hostess gift I got the new tote bag full of other goodies. One of those goodies was the beautiful white deluxe cover. Every time I look at this baby, I swooooooon.

OK, now that we have that out of the way, let’s take a look at these beauties! I will start with the gold one. It is a beautiful gold cover. It has no words or designs on the cover, so it’s very classic and professional. The clasp has a tiny gold circle with an embossed heart in it. It is so beautiful!


The back has the words “The Happy Planner” embossed on the back. I LOVE that beautiful, small detail. I love that it shows people what kind of planner is inside, and if you know me I LOVE this company, so I’m more than happy to show off my planner for them!


When you open the inside, it has a beautiful teal inside and gold pockets. It has a gold elastic pen band on the right side near the clasp. The pockets on both the front and back fit the Happy Planner sticker books perfectly. It’s super easy to slide a sticker book into the pocket and take them with you on the go! This was a genius addition to this planner cover. It will be so easy to bring stickers with you!


The way this planner works is that you just slide your back cover into the back pocket. It’s a tight fit, which just makes your planner fit really snug. Trust me, that planner is not coming out!


I am currently using the gold cover for my memory planner. I think it looks really pretty with the colors of the Be Bright planner.


Now on to the white cover- this one is a BEAUTY. I can only imagine that this one will sale out FAST. I am predicting that it will be a top seller! Mainly because of the gorgeous white color and the beautiful embossed polka dots. It has no words on the front, which I know a lot of people will like. I don’t want to admit to how many times I have just sat and stared at this cover!

I changed the contrast up some on this photo so that the white embossed polka dots really stuck out in the picture!

It has the same “The Happy Planner” embossed on the back, and I feel like it shows up even better on the white. It is so beautiful!


The inside of this cover is gold with white pockets. It also has a white pen loop on the right side near the clasp. I also love to add pocket page cards, paper clips, and magnetic book marks to make those pockets even more beautiful. I use to be so jealous of people with planner binders because their pockets always looked SO cute! I love that I can now join in on the fun!I love how the bright colors pop against these backgrounds.

Again, the back cover of the planner just slides into the back cover. I love this feature so much! It is so easy to slide in, which means it will be so easy to trade these covers whenever I buy more! (Because yes, I am so buying more!)


I currently have my daily planner in this cover, and I love how it looks in this cover. This is the Botanical Garden planner, but I traded the covers on it, and these covers are from one of the undated boxed kits. It looks so elegant and professional, and the white and gold compliments this cover SO well!



Both of these deluxe covers are so gorgeous. They are amazing quality as well. Super sturdy! I think they seriously change the entire Happy Planner game! I love them both so much, and confession: I can’t wait to buy more! Yes, I will buy more covers… even though I don’t necessarily need more! They are just too beautiful to not have them all.

If you are interested in other colors, below are links to my friend’s who have received planners for #thehappyplannerdance and have posted about them! They are all so gorgeous! (I’m personally LOVING that yellow one! And I know I want the black one too!)

I have no idea if these will be the only 8 options in these covers, but for my wallet’s sake I hope that it is! HAHA! I can’t wait to see them all in person! I know I for sure want the yellow one and the black one too. Who knows how many I will end up with!

As a reminder, these will be available in your local Michael’s store around October 28th, and the mambi shop in early November. There will also be deluxe covers for the BIG happy planner too! (I can’t wait to get one for my teacher planner!!)

Which deluxe cover are you currently crushing on? Let me know in the comments, or head over to my IG (@kellofaplan) and tell me there!

Happy planning!

7 thoughts on “Deluxe Covers for The Happy Planner

  1. Thank you, thank you, thank you for posting these!!! ❤ I missed out on the periscope video and was dying to see what they looked like. Now I just need to see what the mini planners look like. Any idea? I can't seem to get much info on those either.


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