My mambi Journey!

If you have been following this blog for even a day, you know that I am *obsessed* with me and my BIG ideas, especially their Happy Planner line! Today, I want to tell you about my journey with this product so far!

I bought my first Happy Planner in September of 2015. I had looked at it in stores for about a month- seriously, I would make my husband go to Michaels and Hobby Lobby with me multiple times a week for a month. I would pick them up, flip through them, and tell my husband all about what I could do with it. After a month, he threw his hands up and said, “Would you just freaking buy this planner already????”…. so I did. 🙂

I started my planning instagram (@kellofaplan) a week later. The main reason I started the instagram account was because so many people in the facebook groups were talking about people they followed on instagram. The day after I joined instagram, @the_happy_planner posted the 2015-2016 Design Team.

I quickly clicked on all 15 girls profiles, clicked follow, and started doing some research on what this design team thing entailed. I remember looking at my husband and saying, “I want to do that!”

Then on Wednesday morning, I pulled into my work parking lot and my phone dinged with an email- I open it, and was greeted by this beautiful graphic:

WOW. I had done it! A year later and I am officially on the mambi Design Team! They announced it on their instagram and blog today. ((Go check out those links to see the amazing ladies that I get to be on this team with this year))

I am still blown away by this opportunity and that I I think I’ve been smiling like a fool since Wednesday morning, and shaking like crazy every time I think about it! This is such an amazing opportunity, and when I look at the ladies I am on a team with…. I am so humbled to be considered in the same league as them! There are girls on this team that I have followed and idolized for months now, and I’m so honored to be on a team with them! The best part is that the team is also full of my real life planner friends, and we get to go on this journey together! We are so blessed, yall.

However, I know there are around 420 girls out there today who found out they didn’t make the team. And I can only imagine how hard that was for them to hear. So I thought I would use the rest of this blog post to give my own personal thoughts on how to better improve your application for next year. Please remember this is my own personal thoughts- I have no idea what they actually used to decide on team members, but I feel like these are the areas that helped me to be chosen.

And what other way to share my thoughts but through quotes on mambi stickers??? So here we go…

Today is a perfect day to be happy. Please remember that this planner community is here to spread happiness. We are all in this together, whether you made the team or didn’t make the team. mambi is all about HAPPY and POSITIVITY. I know it is easy to be let down, disappointed, and even negative today, and my heart goes out to you. I wish I could hug each of you who are feeling sad today!  But I hope you are reminded that we are all in this to bring happiness to others, and that there is enough happy to share! Let the happy and positivity shine through you!

Dreams are for chasing. If being on the mambi design team is your dream- do NOT give up on it today! If we all gave up on dreams every time we didn’t achieve them… we’d never be achieving dreams. Dreams are for chasing. Keep that dream in focus, and chase after it until you can’t chase anymore! (And find girls who are chasing similar dreams along with you! They will encourage you, lift you up, share ideas, and so much more!)

Today is a perfect day to start living your dreams. Is being on the mambi design team a dream? Good! Start living it TODAY. Part of being on the design team means using mostly mambi products in your projects/planners. In January, I realized that I really, really wanted to be on this design team. But I also knew that my instagram account wasn’t growing that fast and that my planner was not shining above anyone else’s. So I made the choice to switch to using strictly mambi products in my planner. When I made that switch, my account started getting so many more followers, comments, shares, features, etc…. and I think that is when I started to stick out above some other planners as well. If this is a dream of yours, start focusing on their products now– I think you will see yourself grow a lot in the Happy Planner community if you do!

Be so good they CAN’T ignore you. This is my last piece of advice. I stuck this sticker in my planner at the beginning of the year because I knew that being on this design team was one of my biggest goals for the year- and I knew that if I wanted to achieve it, I would have to be so good that mambi couldn’t ignore me. Amanda (social media coordinator for me and my BIG ideas) made a video today that said they chose a lot of the girls because they were already acting like they were on the design team even though they weren’t. Half of the purpose of the design team is for us to be brand ambassadors for mambi. You can do this on your own accord! Join Happy Planner facebook groups, follow planner babes on Instagram, post your projects, comment on other people’s, learn the products, go to meetups, and be active! I think this is a huge reason that I was chosen to be on this design team this year, and if you do the same thing over the next year it will shine through so brightly that they won’t be able to ignore your name when making the list!

Be happy. Chase your dreams. Live your dreams. Be so good they can’t ignore you.

And next year, apply again! Who knows, you might just be writing a similar post next year! I love each of you planner babes, and I know that you each have what it takes! Don’t give up on your dreams!

And never forget— there may be a team of 20, but this community embraces each one of you— and without you, it wouldn’t be the same. We are all in this together.



And to the 19 ladies who are on this year’s team with me- I am so blessed by each of you. I have followed each one of you for a *long* time, and you each inspire me in different ways. Many of you are my planner idols, and some of you are my planner besties. I am overwhelmed with gratitude and humbleness when I think about being put on a team with you. I am so excited to work alongside you this year, be inspired by you this year, build friendships with you this year, and to plan a happy life with you this year. We really just might be the luckiest people alive.

And of course, big shout out to Amanda and Stephanie for inspiring this journey, believing in my creativity, and for giving me this opportunity. I love you both more than you know, and I’m so excited to be welcomed into the mambi family!!

I can’t wait to see what this next year brings.

Happy planning!

7 thoughts on “My mambi Journey!

  1. Congratulations!! That is so cool and I’m really happy for you that you get to work at a place which you love so much with people you ALREADY KNOW AND GET ALONG WITH! That really is just the best! You’re going to rock this so much!


  2. Thank you for sharing this! 😊 I just started using Happy Planner and I am crazy in love with it! I live in Indonesia and it is very hard to buy supplies 😔 But I enjoy seeing all the creativities going on! I love your posts. Congratulations on being chosen on the design team!


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