Pretty but Practical

As you all know, I am obsessed with my Happy Planner. The Happy Planner has changed my life for the better, and I am so much more organized because of it.

However, every time I show them to a new person who is interested in using one, they say, “Wow. That’s a lot of decoration. I need a planner to actually plan, not to spend tons of time decorating it.” This is a completely valid point, and you don’t have to decorate the planner in order to use it! The planners come beautiful all on their own. However, decorating mine is what brings me back every week- it keeps me motivated and engaged in the planner, whereas in the past I always gave up after a few weeks of use. I also make it a point to decorate in my daily planner, but to do it in a practical way. I really do use this planner to plan out my week, and so it really needs to be super functional and practical for me. This week on on my IG (@kellofaplan), I decided to share a different way every day that I decorate my planner, but in a practical way.

One of my favorite ways to do this is with my meal planning and grocery list. Every week I take a POCKET PAGE card, add a strip of washi, and a mambi “What’s for dinner?” sticker. I then plan out our meals for the week, and punch it with my mambi punch. It makes it super easy to look up what I’m cooking for dinner each day! After I make the meal card, I then love to take mambi notebook paper and make my grocery list. This week, I already had a lot of what I needed in the pantry. Since my list was short, I just cut a sheet of notebook paper in half and wrote my list out. I made both items color coordinate with my weekly spread– pretty, but practical! 😍😍

Another way I love to make my planner decorative but functional is with a weekly BIG to do list. If you flip through my planner, you will notice that I ALWAYS put a “to do” list in the notes section. I always use a mambi check list sticker to notate this list, and I always use another sticker to put at the top of the list to mark it as important. A lot of times my days are full of little tasks, but in this section I put the big important things that MUST be done that week! This list really keeps me focused and a lot of times it helps me to fill in my daily sections too. Then the next week when I plan, I always look to see if there were any big things that I missed and need to move to the next week. I also always put a motivational quote sticker on the bottom of this list. Some people may claim that’s not functional- but when you’re dragging in your week, that one cute motivational sticker can really kick your butt back into gear! A BIG weekly to do list- pretty but practical! 😍😍

Another way I love to make my planner decorative but functional is within my daily planning. I use my daily planner for planning, so it’s important to me that my daily spreads are functional. The purple mambi sticker value pack really helps me with daily functional planning! The options within that sticker book are limitless. This week I used the “pay day” sticker and “pay bill” stickers to notate those big items. I also love using the bullet point stickers to mark other important “to dos”. I always use stickers that color coordinate with my weekly spread to help make my daily “to dos” be more pretty, but practical! 😍😍

One of the biggest questions I see from newbie Happy Planners is “How do I use the monthly spread?”. I LOVE to decorate my monthly spread, but it’s mainly because I make my monthly spread really functional for me. And if it’s decorated and pretty, I’m obviously going to refer to it more- amiright?? On my monthly spread, I like to include big events for the month– mainly things that are so big that I know I will need to plan around them. I use bullet point stickers to notate them in my planner, and sometimes I use other functional stickers as well. I love that I can easily look at the monthly spread, and know what big things are going on for that month. Plus the stickers make it pretty, but practical! 😍😍

My husband and I love to spend our weekends doing fun things together, and if I didn’t make a weekend “to do” list, I probably wouldn’t do anything productive on the weekends! I love to use mambi stickers to create a weekend list of things that MUST be done by Monday morning. It helps to keep me focused so that I can enjoy the rest of my weekend! I also use a sticker that says “To Do”, “Important”, or “Remember”. Then I use bullet point stickers or checking stickers to mark each item. I usually put these lists in the bottom of my weekend section, but sometimes it’s moved around. The stickers help to make this list pretty, but practical


What are your favorite ways to decorate your planner in a functional way? Take a picture and tag it over on IG to the hashtag #decorativeandfunctional , or tell me about it in the comments below.

Happy planning!

2 thoughts on “Pretty but Practical

  1. Honestly I was always the same way–I would get a planner, use it for a week, then abandon it because I never actually opened it to see what to do. The Happy Planner is so cute and fun to decorate that I actually WANT to open it every day (sometimes a few times a day!) and see what’s planned.

    My biggest struggle is time management though–sometimes I need an hourly breakdown of my day, but not often enough to buy an hourly planner. Seeing all the inserts you made gave me a great idea to do an insert that has an hourly breakdown on the days I need, so I can still have my general week planning and an hourly breakdown when needed. Thank you so much! I never would have thought of that without these posts!

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