The Happy Planner™ Pen/Sticker Case!

Did you catch the mambi Periscope yesterday?? It was amazing! Stephanie and Lauren are SO funny, and of course it’s always so exciting to see new product!

One new product that will be in the next release is The Happy Planner™ pen/sticker storage case! This product will be in Michaels on October 28th and the mambi shop on October 31st. It comes in light blue and coral!

I was lucky enough to get the light blue one in September. Stephanie gave it to me as part of a hostess gift for hosting the Post Pinners mambi Meetup in Dallas! I thought that today I would give you guys a closer look at this amazing product- you’re going to want to put this on your wish list!

The outside of this case is light blue. It has a handle on one side, and a zipper that goes all the way around. It also has the classic Create 365™ logo on the front.

When you open the case, there is an elastic pocket on the other side of the cover. I currently keep two packs of stickers from the Planner Basics™ line in this pocket, but it’s a good size for pocket page cards, sticky notes, or anything else you might need to slip in there.

The pen case also has a double sided flap that holds 24 pens inside of elastic loops, 12 on each side. The Happy Planner™ pens and highlighters fit perfectly into these loops, and I also keep my beloved Papermate Flair pens in the loops as well.

The rest of the case is a perfect spot to store your stickers. It fits the mambi sticker packs perfectly! I am currently carrying four VALUE pack of stickers in the case. I don’t think any more would fit though!

If you’re a fan of the new mini Happy Planner™, then this case might appeal to you even more as it can double as a carrying case for your mini! This makes for super easy on-the-go planning. Just pop your favorite pens,  stickers, and mini planner in and you’re ready to go!

Above is a quick video showing you what the case looks like when you flip the pen flap. Isn’t it beautiful??

The light blue pen case also coordinates nicely with the new Happy Planner™ tote bag that will be part of the October release! These are two products that are a must-have for any planner babe, so be sure to add them to your shopping list! The pen case also comes in a beautiful coral color, and the tote bag also comes in pink!

As a reminder, these products will be in your local Michaels stores around October 28th, and the mambi shop on October 31st. (It’s like Christmas on Halloween!)

What product are you most excited about in the new release? Tell me in the comments below, or hop over to my IG (@kellofaplan) and let me know there!

And as always, happy planning!



4 thoughts on “The Happy Planner™ Pen/Sticker Case!

  1. I love all of your product posts; they are always so informative! I have been a “planner babe” for little under a year, and I am just as obsessed with all the Mambi products as you are! You are such a inspiration to the planning community! Everyone should be very thankful to have you and your ideas openly available at any time!


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