Our Day at the State Fair of Texas

Last Friday, we headed down to Fair Park in Dallas soon as work was over. We were so lucky and the weather was AMAZING. It was in the high 60s/low 70s, and it was a beautiful fall evening for a night at the fair! We met up with my older brother, sister in law, and two nephews to enjoy an afternoon/evening at the State Fair of Texas! We go every year, and it’s been even more fun the past few years to experience it with our nephews.

My two newphews are so adorable. Carter will be four next week, and he is SO much fun. As soon as we came around the corner, I heard “There’s Header! Header’s here!” and it totally melted my heart. We of course had to snap a few pics with Big Tex. They got SO excited every time he started talking!

If you’ve never been to the State Fair of Texas, you really need to go! It lasts for an entire month and is so much fun. It’s also known for all of it’s crazy friend food! My family goes mainly for the food- haha! We like to buy all the different things, but share them and sample them.

Carter was especially excited for his Fletcher’s Corny Dog! You can’t go to the state fair without getting one of these babies. They are only available at the state fair, and trust me, they are the BEST corny dogs you will ever have!

I of course had to join Carter and get one too. It was so delicious, and is always one of my favorite things at the fair! It’s a classic but so yummy!

I was so excited about trying the new fried cannolis. I LOVE cannolis, and was so pumped when I heard this was one of the new items. However… it was a HUGE disappointment. I HATED it. I learned that cannolis should always be cold and in a hard shell. Don’t buy these– they were a waste of tickets!

Matthew searched high and low for this one, and was so excited when he found it. I didn’t try it, but he said it was good. It is a fried Bacon Burger Dog. It was basically bacon, hamburger, and hotdog fried on a Hawaiian roll. He loved it and recommended it to other!

This was another one of Matthew’s finds. It was fried deviled eggs. Say it with me- ewwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww. I HATE deviled eggs, but the husband LOVES them. He said they were even better fried, but I refused to try them. I guess we will have to trust him on this one!

This one was the winner for this year- fried chicken and dumplings!! And the little fried pieces underneath were fried biscuit pieces. You dipped it all in the gravy. Guys, I can’t even tell you how delicious this was!! It was SO good. I hope they have it again next year, because I already can’t wait to eat it again!

Carter and Blake thought we were crazy going for all the fried foods- they were both perfectly happy eating the cotton candy! They went to town on that bag! And guys, kids and cotton candy is just gross! They had it ALL over their hands and face, but man were they happy! Thank goodness for baby wipes though, because it was the biggest mess!

My brother snapped this photo on the left of Matthew and me while we were watching the nephews ride some of the fair rides. It’s not the best photo, but I still love it. I have no idea when we snapped the picture on the right, but I still loved it! I’m so lucky to do life with that handsome man!

The newphews also LOVED riding all of the fair rides. I think Blake especially was in heaven! He was too little to ride them last year, but he had a ball riding them all this year! He would just smile and smile and smile through every ride and looked like he was the happiest kid in the world. That little boy is so full of joy and I love him so much! Seriously, could I get any luckier in the “cutest nephews in the world” category?? They are too cute and too much fun. I love getting to go to the fair with them every year, and I hope it is a tradition that we continue in the years to come! Those boys have my heart!

It was such a fun night at the state fair, and exactly what I needed after a pretty rough day that day at work. I love when my brother and his family come to town, and I love any time that I get with those two precious nephews. I am so lucky to be called their aunt!

Sadly we were so exhausted after all the fun with the nephews that we didn’t even make it to some of our other favorite parts of the fair– Matthew loves the car shows, and I of course love the crafts! I wonder if I could convince Matthew to go back again before it closes! Hmmmmm….

Have you ever been to the State Fair of Texas? What’s your favorite part of the fair? I’d love to hear from you in the comments!


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