I am loving using my Rose Gold Horizontal Happy Planner™ for lettering practice. Each week I typically write out quotes around a theme, or lyrics from a song that I’m listening to on repeat. I’ve been told a million times that brush lettering is something you have to practice every day, so this planner has really helped me to get that daily practice in.

The school I work at is kicking off a kindness challenge for the students, so I decided to write out quotes about kindness this week to go along with that theme from work. It is so important to be kind, and I love how each of these quotes reminds us to do that.

It is so true that we will never regret being kind. As women, it’s so easy to get caught up in the cycle of gossip. We love to talk about each other, and a lot of times it can turn negative quickly. When that happens, it usually comes back to bite us and we are full of regret for the things we’ve done and said about fellow women. Enough people in the world tear women down- we should be doing the opposite and building each other up. However, we will never regret the kind things that we do for each other. We should always choose to be kind!

My favorite one from this week was “Kindness is in our power even when fondness is not.” This is an important lesson for not only kids, but adults too. We aren’t going to like everyone we meet, but we can still choose to be kind to them. Kindness matters. Kindness changes people.

I love that my school is focusing on teaching our students the importance of kindness at such an early age. Children who are kind will grow into adults who are kind, and what a world we could have if we were all kind!

We’ve only been doing this challenge for two weeks, but it’s already been such a great reminder to the adults in the building to choose and show kindness as well. I challenge each one of us to do something this week to cultivate kindness! It really can change someone’s day!

What can you do today to show kindness to someone else? I’d love to hear your ideas in the comments below, or hop over to my IG (@kellofaplan) and tell me there!


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