Laundry Room Decor

Several weeks ago, Gretchen from @planfortomorreaux (IG|Blog) posted about a laundry room mini-makeover that she had completed with some mambi products, and I fell in LOVE with it. I have BIG plans for my laundry room- I want new cabinets, new paint, new machines, the whole works!- but right now, I don’t have a BIG wallet to pay for it. So her idea for a mini maker over was right up my alley- especially since THIS is what my laundry room looked like at the time:

I know, I know. YIKES. It’s horrible. So plan, so CLUTTERED, and no organization. I had never been motivated to decorate in this tiny little room, but Gretchen’s post gave me the motivation I needed! So I headed out to Michaels and picked up a new pack of mambiSHEETS™ expandable paper pads. I flipped through the pack and picked out my favorite coordinating prints, and these are the ones I chose:

I loved how bright and cheerful they were! No one likes doing laundry- at least no one normal- so if I’ve got to do laundry, I at least wanted the laundry room to be cute, bright, and cheerful. I definitely think these prints helped achieve that goal!

I bought these cardboard boxes at Joanns. They came in a set with all five boxes and tops. I loved how they were different staggering sizes! To cover the boxes, I followed a really simple method. I simply wrapped the boxes as if they were presents, and used a tape runner to tape them all down. It was really easy to do, and I think they turned out so cute!

After that, I cut out the letters for “Laundry” from the extra paper. I then modpodged the letters on to a white canvas, and outlined the letters with a black paint pen! I hung this on the wall above the shelf. Isn’t is so cute??

Gretchen’s adorable signs with the laundry puns inspired me to create my own canvases. I chose more paper from the mambiSHEETS pack and mod podged it to the bottom of the canvas. I put a strip of washi down to seperate the paper from where I would be painting. I then painted some of my favorute “laundry” quotes onto the canvases and hung them on the right wall of the laundry room. I love how they add a bit of “funny” to the room! Pretty much every time I see these canvases, they make me laugh or smile!

Since the boxes have tops on them, I knew I wanted to label what was going to be inside each box. This would make it easy to know what was where whenever I needed it! I used a black sharpie paint marker to write these words straight on to the boxes.

Ta-da! It only took me one afternoon to complete all of these projects. It’s not a huge make over, but it will definately do for now. My laundry room is much cuter and more organized for sure! I love how bright and cheerful the colors are, and it honestly makes me a *little* bit happier to do laundry.

How do you organize your laundry room? I’d love to hear your thoughts below, or head over to my IG (@kellofaplan) and tell me there!

And another BIG thanks to Gretchen for the inspiration to finally tackle my laundry room! If you don’t already follow her on IG, you need to go do that NOW! She is SO funny and one of my favorite planner babes!

Happy crafting!


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