Deluxe Cover vs. Snap Cover

The latest Happy Planner™ release is today at Michaels and Monday on the me & my BIG ideas shop! This has been a highly anticipated release, and planner babes around the world are going crazy to get their hands on the new product! One reason this release is so huge is because of the introduction of two new cover options: the deluxe cover and the snap cover! I thought I would do a post comparing and contrasting the two covers for those planner babes who just can’t make up their minds!

The cover on the left of the above photo is the snap cover. It is called a snap cover because it snaps on to your rings. The cover on the right is a deluxe cover. It is a deluxe cover because it wraps around your entire planner, making it very secure. There are also several pockets on the inside to store extra planner supplies! Both of these styles of covers come in mini, classic, and BIG- and there are tons of colors and designs for all sizes!

I’m going to start with a look into the deluxe cover. This yellow deluxe cover is in the classic size. On the front it has “Plan a Happy Life” embossed in gold. It has a snap to close it, and a little tiny heart on the snap. It’s all in the details, guys!

When you open the cover up, you will see that there are pockets on the left. These pockets are the perfect size for sticker books, pocket page cards, or any other small planner item you want to throw in there. I have always been jealous of planner babes who have binders and can decorate the pockets. I am so excited that I get the chance to do this now!

This planner is very similar to a binder that several planner babes have converted their planner too, except you get to keep the disc system. Your planner just slides into the back pocket!

When you open this cover on your desk, it does take up a lot of space. It is definitely more bulky, and you will need a larger space on your desk. I usually take my planner out of the cover whenever I’m decorating because it just takes up a lot of space. However, I love the extra security this cover provides when I am traveling with this planner. I also love that I can fit stickers and other supplies into the cover.

I am obsessed with these deluxe covers- I own four of them! I don’t really need four, but I love them all. Right now I just plan on switching my daily planner in and out of them whenever I’m in the mood for a change. And of course, I’d love to add the coral, green, AND blue one to this collection… but that might be a little *too* much! How many deluxe covers are too many??

Next up is the snap cover. This particular snap cover is in the BIG size. I have it on my teacher planner! It has a gold heart embossed on the front, which I think is adorable. I also love it paired with my pink expander discs!

The plastic along the edges of these snap covers are HARD and SO sturdy. They are actually pretty difficult to get on to the discs- you have to snap them on pretty hard! But I love that about them- if it was that hard to get them on, it’s going to be impossible for it to just pop off. Gone are the days of your Happy Planner covers popping off! This snap on cover isn’t going anywhere!

I have a LOT of stuff in my teacher planner. I already had it on the expander discs, so there wasn’t a worry for me. You do need to note that these covers are thick. So if you are still using the classic size discs, you will either need to move to the bigger discs OR be ok with not carrying your entire planner with you. I personally think the thickness of the cover is worth the trade off of moving to expander discs!

I love that the snap cover doesn’t add extra space to my planner when it is spread out wide. It takes up the exact same desk space that it did prior to having the cover on the planner. That was a big pro for me since this is my work planner.

My favorite part about the snap cover is that the planner can still fold over on itself. I went back and forth for a while on if I would get the snap or deluxe for my work cover, but the snap won because of this capability. I don’t have a ton of space on my work desk, so it was important to me that I could fold it over on itself.

I love these snap covers on more than just my work planner though! I also have the snap covers on my memory planner and one of the mini planners that travel in my purse! I also have my eye on the BIG rose gold snap cover, because let’s be honest, it’s beautiful!

Overall, I love both of these styles of covers but for completely different reasons. The Deluxe cover makes it easy to travel and plan on the go. Your planner is super protected and you can even add in some accessories! The snap cover makes your planner super sturdy and it can still fold over on itself.

Which cover do you prefer? Or are you like me and in love with them both? I’d love to hear your opinion! Hop over to my IG (@kellofaplan) and tell me there, or leave it in the comments below!

Happy planning!


5 thoughts on “Deluxe Cover vs. Snap Cover

  1. I love the snap in and have been waiting for them! I got the polka dot white deluxe for our happy dance win, but find it too bulky for myself. Will use the deluxe as my memory planner binder though 🙂 win win! Love mambi products.


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