October in my Daily Planner

When I first started using my Botanical Garden Happy Planner™, I would write a post every week reviewing the week that had just ended. Then I started using more than two planners, and it became too much to do a weekly update on my blog after every week. I do post my midweek and end of week spreads every week on my IG though if you want to check them out there!

I decided to do an overview of my entire month in my Botanical Garden daily planner though so that my blog readers can still see how I have been using this planner. This is my daily planner, which means that I put *all* important things in this planner. Most of the time it is personal errands, personal events, things to do around the house, etc. Sometimes if there is a big event at work, it gets added to this planner as well.

This was my “currently” page for October. I am loving the pink and orange combo, and since the divider has rose gold I decided to throw some rose Gold in to the spread as well. The currently page is one of my favorite pages to fill out every month, and I love going back and reading a snapshot of what my month was like. It’s such a fun page!

The first week of October brought cooler weather in Texas, so I decided to jump on board with the fall theme. I love how it turned out. The orange, greens, and reds were really fun to work with. The fall stickers were all from the seasonal value pack of stickers. The other stickers are from a variety of mambi sticker packs. I love how the fall theme turned out, and I thought it was a fun way to kick off October in my planner.

For the second week of October, I decided to go a little sticker crazy. I had seen a lot of other planner girls who used tons of stickers, and it inspired me to do the same. Everything in this spread was either my handwriting or a sticker! I really dove into the back to school washi sticker pack, and added a few other stickers from other pics. This was the first week that I didn’t cover the headers in washi tape, and I loved it so much that I didn’t use washi for the rest of the month! This was a big change for me, but I loved how it turned out throughout the entire month. I loved the pink and orange theme, and loved how this week turned out. It might be my favorite spread I’ve ever done! It’s super busy, but I still think it turned out so cute.

For the third week in October, I decided to go floral. I picked up two new packs of floral stickers from Hobby Lobby, and wanted to use them right away. I am a huge sucker for anything floral, so I was excited to put them to use. A lot of people might think it’s weird to do a floral theme in October, but I decided to do what works for me! I’m not a huge fan of fall colors, so these bright colors just worked better for me. I also purposefully practiced some different kinds of lettering throughout the week, and loved how it turned out.

This was my final week in October, and I am just a tad bit obsessed with the color scheme. The color scheme was actually a complete accident. I started out planning on just doing light blue, but then I decided to throw in the pinks and orange, and I am *so* glad that I did! I would have never thought to put these three colors together, but it turned out so cute. I also loved trying out the new mambi decopens in this spread. I used the confetti one all over the place, and it was the perfect embellishment. Look how cute it looks under the “I ❤ the Weekend” banner!

Overall, I loved October in this planner. The colors already present on the designs on the page were so fun to work with, and I loved how my spreads turned out every week. Every single week I think, “I will never like another spread more than this one!,” and yet the following week, I love my spread just as much. Big props to mambi for creating products that make it so easy to design in my planner!

What product did you use the most in your October spreads?  I really went crazy with my sticker use this month, but I love how it turned out. I have *so* many mambi stickers that need to be used, so I’ve really been forcing myself to use them instead of hoarding them! Plus with all the stickers coming out in December, I really need to start using up what I have now! I’d love to hear what product you are loving the most right now- you can tell me in the comments below, or hop over to my IG and let me know there!

Happy planning!


4 thoughts on “October in my Daily Planner

  1. Have you purchased the faith planner yet? I am thinking about making it my 2nd planner but I haven’t seen it in any of our stores. I don’t really want to order it online–I want to see what it looks like.


    1. I have not purchased it. Mainly because I’m using 7 other planners, and I don’t know if I want to add an 8th!! 😬😬😬 It is at Hobby Lobby and the mambi shop. @planthehappies on IG has posted beautiful pics of hersb


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