Our Halloween 2016

We didn’t have big plans for Halloween this year, but one of my favorite parts of Halloween is seeing my littles all dressed up! I have two nephews and two nieces, and they are always the cutest trick or treaters!

Madelyn is my youngest niece and this was her first Halloween! She was the cutest little ladybug around!

These are my two nephews, and man did they kill Halloween! Blake made the cutest Chase from Paw Patrol ever! And Carter was so proud of his costume too— but I’m obviously old because I have no idea who he is dressed up as! 🙈

This is my Lexie! She’s my oldest niece and was TinkerBelle this year! (also photoed is my younger brother, Chase!)

Matthew and I had no plans to dress up this year, but then we heard that if you went to Chipotle in costume, you could eat for $3! So we threw on our old Batman and Robin costumes and headed to Chipotle! Before going, I had Matthew snap a pic of me with my yorkie- Julio. That’s his superman costume from a few years back, and let’s just say he was less than thrilled to be wearing it again! 

After eating our $3 dinner at Chipotle, we came home and passed out candy to trick or treaters! Last year we only had three kids and TONS of leftover candy. This year we had a lot more! I was out of candy by 8:00! It was so fun to see everyone dressed up!

What did you do for Halloween? I’m thinking next year I may just need to throw a Halloween party! We need something exciting to do next year! Any tips for making a Halloween party great? I’d love to hear them!

Now that Halloween is over, it’s officially the Holiday season! Only a few more days until I decorate for Christmas!! 😍😍😍

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