The Happy Planner™ new DIY cover!

The Happy Planner™ released a DIY cover in their most recent release. I have never made my own cover, so I was so excited to try this product out! Luckily I received one in my first DT box, and I couldn’t wait to try it!

Let’s be honest, I go to Michaels way too many times per week. One week the scrapbook paper pads were 50% off, and I picked up this pack of Baby Girl mambiSHEETS™. I don’t have a baby girl, but there were only a few pages that actually tied to babies…. and honestly, I loved the floral pages. I’m addicted to floral! I decided these pages would be perfect for my DIY cover!

I chose three different coordinating pages from the paper pad, and cut them to size using a paper trimmer. For the front part of the cover, I used two different pages and some mambi washi. I suggest using two different designs, with each facing different ways in the cover. That way when you flip the cover open, there is a design on the back of the cover. (I hope that makes sense!)

Before sealing your cover, you need to be sure to leave space on the edge so that the cover will seal. The back of the cover is the only one that is sticky, so it needs space to attach to the front of the cover so that it will properly seal. You can see above how I left space on the edges.

Here you can see that I have laid my paper in the cover, but I have not peeled off the white backing yet. You must peel off that white backing! Once removing the white backing, then you can press together to seal.

Above you can see my front cover and the inside of my back cover. I just love how these papers compliment each other!

Here is a look at my back cover and the inside of my front cover!

I put this cover on a set of teal mini discs that I purchased from the mambi shop. I filled it with classic sized notepaper to make a mini notebook. I love how the aqua discs look with this cover! Also, please note that you *can* see through the cover on the left side. Those black and white stripes are actually part of the notebook paper that is inside, but I think it looks so cute!

Above you can see what the front and back cover look like when spread open. Y’all, I’m so in love with this watercolor floral paper! It’s so beautiful!

This is what the inside of the cover looks like when I flip it open to the notebook paper.

Overall, I love these DIY covers. They are fairly easy to use, and the options are limitless as to what kind of covers you can make. They are more flimsy than a laminated cover, but that is to be expected. It helps to use two pieces of cardstock to help thicken them up! I love how it easy it was to create a quick and easy cover for my new notebook.

Have you tried the new DIY cover? What do you think of them? I’d love to see your version or hear your ideas on what kinds of covers we can create!

Happy planning!

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