Ashley Brooke Boutique Inc. Review

Most of these items were given to me free of charge, but the review is 100% my honest opinion!

If you’re looking for the perfect gift for the planner babe in your life, look no further than Ashley Brooke Boutique Inc.!

I received my first ABBI product as a birthday gift from my thoughtful friend, Angie. Angie ordered me the Planner Girl Checklist Mug.It was seriously the most perfect gift for me! I love the gold glitter on the bottom, and the Checklist is perfect! The best part is that Ashley can personalize these mugs, so if you don’t drink coffee you can change it to something else!

A few weeks later, I ordered this “I teach tiny humans” water bottle from her for my sister. I thought it was the perfect back to school gift for her! These water bottles are larger than I thought they would be, but it was perfect for my sister. She was even able to customize the color for me! Ashley included this adorable “Planner Girl Uncensored” mug in my order as well, and I fell in love with it!

The best part of the “Planner Girl Uncensored” mug is that the bottom says “This is Wine”!!! Can I get an amen??? I love, love, love the bottom of this mug! This is now my favorite cup to drink wine out of! This mug is amazing quality. When I first saw her products, I was afraid the glitter would fall off everywhere, but that is not the case at all. It is secure and not going anywhere!

Most recently, Ashley sent me this adorable “Planner life is the best life” pen holder. It is a beautiful sparkly pink, and is the perfect size for pens! It adds the perfect amount of pop to my desk! This holder can also be used as a brush holder for those of you who love make up!

Head over to Ashley’s shop now and check out all of her goodies. You won’t be disappointed! They would make great gifts for the planner babe in your life! To guarantee delivery by Christmas, you need to place your order by December 5th! You can customize any of her items by changing the colors and even the words! The options are truly limitless.

Happy planning!

11 thoughts on “Ashley Brooke Boutique Inc. Review

  1. Nothing like free products for good reviews… Unfortunately it looks like “Ashley” stopped filling orders just in time to receive a huge rush of orders for Christmas. I placed my order on December 9th. I have yet to receive any product or communication at all. My order status still shows up as “unfulfilled”. After several attempts at communicating with them, I filed a complaint with the BBB. They cannot even get a response. This was a scam from the start.


    1. Hi Keith, I just talked to her. She said her store had so many orders over the holidays that she got incredibly backed up. She said as far as she knows, she has contacted everyone back who has contacted her. Can you give me your email address so that I can get you in touch with her? She said the last orders from the holidays are going out this week. Also, Ashley didn’t even ask me to write this blog post. I loved her products so much that I just did it myself! 😉


      1. This is the response I just received from her. I am so frustrated for you guys- this is inexcusable! “Hey girl, I totally understand and do what you truly feel is best. I have responded to all emails this whole past week and last night. If there are any new ones I will address them Monday since my anniversary is this weekend. I am so sorry your blog had been bombarded and I absolutely hate that. Over 500 orders went out this week and the last 260 are leaving Monday and Tuesday. I promise this won’t happen in the future now that I have hired help full time. It’s been chaotic”


  2. All you have to do is look at her FB page “Shop ABBI” and read the comments sections on her posts. There are a lot of unhappy people who have been waiting for over a month without replies. Personally, I have filed a complaint with the BBB, which she hasn’t responded to either. In my messages to her and in the BBB complaint, I have said that all I want is the product I purchased or my order refunded. At this point she can’t claim that she didn’t know about it. I included my order number in every attempt I’ve made at contacting her (including the BBB claim).


  3. I just went to that page and saw this posted: SHOP ANNOUNCEMENT!

    PLEASE forward ALL messages regarding order questions to my new email (it is active and working and up to date):

    **please allow 24hours for a response just in case I am not near my office computer.


    I am officially down to the last 500 orders out of over 1200 plus orders just from December. My little business went from zero to sixty in a matter of days and I was hit with an overwhelming amount of business that I never expected or dreamed of! While I am super thankful for all the business I understand it has hindered the processing times significantly! I officially hired help at the beginning of January and we have been processing all back orders every day and through weekends. We are hoping to process most of these last orders this weekend. Shipping emails are being sent daily and as quickly as possible. All cups are hand made(not mass produced) so I am working as quickly as I physically can to get these cups done for you all. But also maintaining the quality that goes into each cup.

    The order delays and issues with communication will NOT be an issue anymore. With help now, I have someone who will be handling customer service and eventually I will open a chat option this year to the website to make direct communication more user friendly. Orders will be processed much faster and I will have a limited amount of cups that can be ordered per day and week to keep the flow of orders on time so these delays will not occur again.

    I cannot apologize enough for the issues and delays regarding orders but I ensure you that your order is being processed and coming your way! Again, these issues are being resolved and will not happen again for the sake and future of my little business.

    The shop reopening date will be delayed about an extra week.

    –Ashley Brooke


  4. There a loads of people she has refused to respond to, including myself. Three emails and a Facebook message and nothing. She took $54 and I have nothing, not even an apology, to show for it. I don’t understand why anyone would ignore their customers and then publicly announce that they have communicated with “everyone”. Knowing full well that we all share our grievances on her page.


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