Matthew’s First Iron Bowl

Matthew and I headed to Alabama the day before Thanksgiving to spend a long weekend back home with my family. I had not been back home for Thanksgiving since 2013, so it was a special treat to get to go back this year! It was Matthew’s first time meeting my mom’s family, and we also got to see several of my old friends while we were home. It was a great trip!

The highlight of the entire trip though was taking Matthew to his first Iron Bowl! Alabama played Auburn on Saturday, November 26th. My dad has six season tickets, so we headed down to Tuscaloosa bright and early with him, my stepmom, and my stepmom’s parents! We tailgated with some of my dad’s friends for several hours before the game.

Matthew and I also spent a lot of time before the game walking around campus. This was Matthew’s second trip to Tuscaloosa on a game day, so he still needed to hear tons of my stories from college, right?? I’m sure he got tired of hearing them all, but I loved pointing out all the places around campus that were special to me and sharing stories from my four years at the Capstone!

It was a little chilly in the morning when we first got to the tailgate, but we bundled up and snuggled some and were able to keep warm. We were set up right next to where the SEC Network was doing their gameday show, so we got to watch them produce that. It was really neat to watch!


I’m a weirdo who *loves* to get to games really early. I just love sitting in the stadium and watching the teams warm up, and then of course I can’t miss the pregame fun! I love all of the videos that they play in the stadium before kick off, and this week was also Senior Week, so I loved watching all of the seniors be honored! Matthew probably thinks I’m crazy with how early I like to get to games, but he’s also use to it since I have made him do it at all six Alabama games he’s been to!


I’ve been going to Alabama games ever since I was a little girl, and so my Pops and I have sat through many an Alabama game together! One of my favorite things to do with my dad is go to Alabama games. I love analyzing the game with him throughout, high fiving each other with every touchdown, and participating in all of the cheers throughout the game together. Alabama has been playing a *LOT* in Texas the past few years, so I hadn’t been home to go to a game with my dad in three years! It was fun to get to spend this Iron Bowl with him!


When the sun was on us during the first half, the weather was perfect. But man, when that sun went down during halftime it got COLD! I was so glad that Matthew forced me to pack a scarf, gloves, hat, and extra jacket before going into the game! It was much needed when the sun went down!


Alabama had a rough start to the game- Jalen threw a few interceptions during the first half, our offense was moving slow to start the game off, and the entire first half was just pretty frustrating! Thankfully they came out after halftime and played some ‘bama football! We were able to put the tigers away and claim another victory in the Iron Bowl! Matthew and I love to stay until the very end to sing “Rammer Jammer”. It is my favorite part of ‘bama games!


Matthew and I have been very lucky to go to four Alabama games in the state of Texas over the past two years. It is so much cheaper to go to games without paying for travel, but it was so good to be home in Bryant Denny for this one! I wish we lived closer and could go to Bryant Denny more often. But for now, we have memories from this sweet victory to reflect on! Next up is the SEC Championship, and then it’s *hopefully* on to another year of the playoffs!

Roll tide! #roadto17 #beatauburn #beateverybody

2 thoughts on “Matthew’s First Iron Bowl

  1. First time visiting your site. Love your planner videos on YouTube….Especially the Faith one. I was born and raised in Tuscaloosa, so Roll Tide!!!


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