Top 8 Gifts for the Man who loves to Grill!


This post contains Amazon Affiliate links and I might earn a small percentage if you purchase an item through one of these links.

My husband’s 33rd birthday was last week, and his parents gave him a new grill for his birthday. He was so excited about this gift, because he needed a new grill SO badly! I thought it would be fun to stick with the grill theme, and so both my family and I got him lots of fun accessories for his grill. I thought I would share what all he got in case anyone needs ideas for gifts for their own husbands!


The first item I got Matthew was a new cover for his grill. I knew he would want to keep it covered to preserve it’s life span. We are big Alabama fans in the Kell household, so this Alabama cover was the obvious choice for us. If I hadn’t of gone with an Alabama one though, I probably would have grabbed him this one since it has great reviews.


The second gift I got for Matthew is this grillaholics stuffed burger press. We haven’t tried this one out yet, but Matthew was SO excited to get it. He is already brainstorming different things that he can stuff inside a burger. He is SO excited to try this one out!


The next item that I got for Matthew was the Charcoal Companion Octopus Basting Bottle. I thought this was a really silly gift, but Matthew was SO excited to open it! Since then, he has used it several times to baste meats on the grill. It is so easy to squeeze the sauce out and then use the octopus brushes to rub it on the meat. Matthew says this is one of his favorite gifts he has received in a long time!


I don’t know about you guys, but my husband LOVES bacon. Like, he LOVES it. He’s always wanting to add bacon to EVERYTHING. And he LOVES this bacon griller that I gave him. He has already used it multiple times, and he especially loves to grill bacon for breakfast- which is a-ok with me! This makes it SO easy to get crispy bacon, and it’s also so easy to clean. This was a win-win in the Kell household!


My sister in law gave this gift to Matthew, and it is so cool! It’s a grill station– two trays, and one is for raw meat and one is for cooked meat. They stack on top of each other, and it makes it easy to carry the meat to the grill and back with no cross contamination. My sister in law said she’s already given one to her dad, her husband, her other brother in law, and now Matthew! And we are already planning on giving one to Matthew’s father for father’s day. My dad might just get one too! It’s that amazing!


My dad gave this kit of grill tools to Matthew for his birthday. To say Matthew was excited about this gift would be an understatement! He was desperate for new tools, and was so excited to get an enter case full of them. He has loved using these tools, and loves that they come in a case too. This would be a GREAT gift for any man who loves to grill!


My sister in law gave this to Matthew for his birthday, too! This gift was seriously cool. It comes wrapped up, but when you unfold it, it’s all the tools you can need– and it’s an APRON! An apron with grill tools in it! So Matthew can literally wear this and have all the tools he needs right there. Isn’t that awesome?? My personal favorite part is that there are even salt and pepper shakers. This gift is totally awesome!


The last gift that Matthew received to go with his new grill was also from my dad. It was this three piece set of grill baskets. It makes grilling veggies, small pieces, and other items SO easy. They are also a smaller size, which makes storing them super easy. It eliminates the chances of dropping tiny pieces into your grill and makes grilling overall SO much easier!


To say Matthew is all set up and ready for a spring and summer full of grilling would be an understatement. He has all the accessories needed to make grilling fun and easy! Any of these items would be perfect for the man in your life who loves grilling. We love them, and know you will too!


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