LipSense Review

Products were provided to me for review, but the opinions are 100% mine!

A few weeks ago, one of my Instagram followers, Whitney (@preppymom), reached out to me. She told me that she is a LipSense consultant and asked if I would be interested in trying her products out.

Disclaimer: I hate lip products. Always have, and kind of thought I always would. Lip Gloss? NOPE. Chapstick? HATE IT. Lipstick? HELL TO THE NO. My mom was a huge lipstick wearer and would have never left the house without her lipstick. She used to force it on me during my teenage years, but I HATED IT.

What did I hate most about lipstick?

  • the taste of it
  • the way it felt on my lips
  • the bright colors on my face

So when I read Whitney’s email, I actually kind of chuckled to myself. I have a few friends who sell LipSense, and I’ve never bought from them. I didn’t want to spend the money on something I was convinced that I would hate because I mean… it’s lipstick. And I hated lipstick!


But for some reason, I responded to Whitney with a, “Sure, let’s do it!” She sent me some color shades to choose from, and I picked the one that I thought was the calmest color- Beige Champange. (Remember, I said I hate bright colors on my face!)

About a week and a half went by, and I honestly had kind of forgotten about the fact that Whitney was sending me this stuff. But then last week I opened my mailbox and had a super fun package! My LipSense package had arrived!


Can we talk about how adorable Whitney’s packaging is? I was right away SO EXCITED because of how adorable everything looked! Whitney hooked me up! She sent me the “Ooops Remover”, the lipstick, and the shiny gloss. She included a cute business card, directions fo rhow to use the product, two hair ties, and an ADORABLE tiny make up pouch. The make up pouch is SO ME- black and white stripes and a monogram? She knows me so well!

I was so excited that I immediately read the directions and put the LipSense in- this is me the first time wearing LipSense! (And the first time wearing lipstick of any kind in YEARS!)


It was fairly simple to apply. You are suppose to wait 30-90 seconds in between coats, and I’m super impatient. But I actually loved how it turned out! I loved that it added some color to my lips without screaming, “I’M WEARING LIPSENSE!” It did burn like hell the first time I put it on, but they say that’s because your lips aren’t use to the product and aren’t moisturized correctly. A week later and the burn is gone! I think it’s because my lips are healthier now!

One of the big “things” that people love the most about LipSense is how long it stays on and how it doesn’t transfer. I put this first coat on around 12:45 in the afternoon, so I was excited to test it out! It was true- it lasted for HOURS. When I got home that afternoon, my husband said, “WOAH. Are you in lipstick? Have I EVER seen you wear lipstick??” Haha! He also loved the fact that it didn’t transfer to his lips when I kissed him! Win, Win!


Above is a before and after picture of me wearing my new LipSense. The left is the before, and the right is the after. I’m obsessed with this color because it isn’t crazy loud, but does kind of seal the deal with my make up! I love it!

Earlier I explained my three dislikes with Lipstick, so here’s my opinion about those dislikes when it comes to LipSense:

  • the taste of it- LipSense DOES have a taste to it. I’m really weird about tastes though, so maybe it’s just me. The first couple of days I thought it was really bad, but I guess I am use to it now because it doesn’t bother me anymore.
  • the way it felt on my lips- the first couple of times I wore it, I hated how it felt on my lips. But I’m weird about things on my lips. However, after a week of use, I can tell my lips are so much more moisturized than normal and they feel amazing! So I think this has actually helped me embrace the feeling of things on my lips because my lips are healthier!
  • the bright colors on my face – I love the color I chose, so this isn’t an issue for me!

LipSense really is all it claims to be, and maybe more. I kind of love it, and I’m already excited to order more soon!

If you want to order your own LipSense, let me give you a little information from Whitney!

This is Whitney- isn’t she adorable? She is a proud military wife, mom to four boys under the age of 7, a happy planner addict, and a #lipboss !
  • A starter kit includes one color, one gloss and one Ooops remover and retails for $55. For first timers, they really need the kit! The gloss and the color are a team — they must be used together to lock in the color for all day stay! 
  • THIN layers work best! I use a blow dyer for quick dry! Don’t touch lips in between coats. Make sure you only go one way — don’t go back and forth like a dry erase marker! 🙂 THREE layers!
  • The Gloss is incredible. It’s NOT drying, in fact it’s actually very hydrating! My lips are the healthiest they’ve ever been!
  • I will offer 10% off starter kit AND free shipping to everyone — they can message me on instagram @preppymom or via FB group and use the code KELLOFAPLAN10. 


That’s right guys- if you use code KELLOFAPLAN10 when you message Whitney on Instagram or Facebook, she will give you 10% off AND free shipping! That’s an amazing deal! You contact Whitney on her instagram account @preppymom OR her Facebook Group.

After a week, I already love LipSense. My lips feel healthier, my husband loves seeing me in lipstick, and it has solved a lot of my prior issues with lipstick. I highly recommend it to anyone who is interested! Whitney is amazing to work with, and you won’t be disappointed.

Have you ever tried LipSense? What are your thoughts? Let me know in the comments below!

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