My name is Heather Kell! I live in the DFW area. I was born and raised in Alabama and attended the University of Alabama. I moved to Texas pretty soon after college, which is when I started my career in education. I spent six years teaching in the classroom. I taught 4th, 5th, 7th, and 8th grade ELAR, and loved every single day of it! I am now an Instructional Technology Specialist at an elementary school in the DFW area, which basically means that I help teachers incorporate technology into their daily lesson plans. There are a million other things that fall under my job description, but that is the main goal of my position!

I married the love of my life, Matthew, in 2015. We met online, dated for two years, and got married in March of 2015. He is everything that I prayed God would send me, and more. We bought a house together two months after our wedding, and we love spending time together crafting and DIYing for our house.

“Kell of a good time” was our wedding hashtag when we got married! Our friend came up with it because it sounded like “hell of a good time”. I loved it so much that I’ve used it for everything else, too! It just made sense to make it the title of my blog as well. Plus, Matthew and I always try to have a hell of a good time with everything that we do!

On this blog, you will see a little bit of everything. I post about our life as newlyweds, my love of crafting, incorporating technology in the classroom, and my newest love- planning!

In October of 2016, I began my first year as a design team member for the amazing company- me & me BIG ideas! You will see me post a lot about the different projects I make using their products. To learn more about what I create, you can also follow along with me on my IG account- @kellofaplan.

I look forward to hearing from you and making friends in this blogging world!


One thought on “About

  1. Hi Heather. Just discovered your YouTube, Instagram, and website! Never owned a planner before. Been watching your YT videos. After pulling my hair out for a couple of weeks now, I finally bit the bullet and got a mini Happy Planner at Michael’s today. I have a question though. I really loved one of the snap on hard covers for it. But! I also loved one of the deluxe covers with the snap. I only bought the deluxe cover because I wasn’t sure if the snap on cover would work with the deluxe?


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